Adventures of Fishing in Dubai Await You At This Fishing Hotspot

Looking for an open water opportunity to spend time in Dubai? For an adventure seeker like you, fishing in Dubai is a great deal. In fact, deep sea fishing is the highly spent activated in Dubai that helps you make the best use of holidays. If you are the one who is always on a hunt for excuses to spend time with friends outdoors, then this adventure in the deep sea is worth the initiative. Dubai is a place that’s loved for its awesome marine life, so fishing here is a unique adventure that stands out. Why not make the best of this fish hub to do something that you really love?

With contemporary yacht charters all around, Dubai has become a hotspot for fishing events in the world. Fun and adventure never take a break here. Let’s find out why fishing in Dubai makes a real sense.

  1. Rare Encounters You Were Waiting For

Do you want to get those rare glimpses of striped bass or blackfish? Or, this is the first time you are visiting see for the first encounter with fluke, bluefish. Or, you just simply want to go fishing in Dubai to see barracuda, sherry. Or, maybe you always dream of seeing kingfish and cobia with your naked eyes. Whichever of these fascinate you the most but beautiful encounters with some exotic varieties of fishes are for sure on this adventure. You will adore this experience.

  1. Dubai Tops The World of Fishing Adventures

Dubai is growing as a hub for fishing activities for the past few years. This has given an opportunity to many fishing companies to come into existence. They stay competitive, be it about pricing, quality of service or modern fleet of yacht charters. That means you will have the best fishing adventure in Dubai with world class amenities at the most competitive prices. Plan out your Dubai Fishing Trip in the off-season and see their prices slashing down to unimaginable lowest rates.

  1. Endless Fishing Spots For Your Leisure

Dubai has got a plenty of places ideal for fishing. You will never run out of luck while fishing in the deep sea. Whether going to Dubai Creek or beyond Jebel Ali Free Zone, you will never come back disappointed. You should rely on your yacht charter for finding the best fishing spots for you. Reasons? In fact, they are professionals and their yachts are equipped with SONAR, so they don’t make bogus promises. Pure enchanting fishing experience for you, assured.


Dubai gives you enough reasons to leave aside the worries of life and go for Fishing in Dubai. Have a sumptuous fish cooking experience at the deep sea, something that is first for many travelers. Fishes always roam in the deep waters of Dubai, be it any season. So, you will come home with a plenty of surprises n your hands. Head on a full-moon evening to explore the lovely adventures of the fishing expedition on a luxury yacht charter. You deserve it!

At Xclusive Fishing, we do whatever it takes us to available you a catch. We know that fishing thrills traveler the most. We are there with our contemporary yachts to help you enjoy fishing in Dubai and locate the exotic fish varieties. Be with us on a lifetime adventure. Call us now!


Palm Tree Hire

Tree Hire London’s Palm trees to enumerate a dynamic energy to any volume of the room and are a profitable way to revamp empty conference room, birthday hall, wedding venue or function room into a more tempting ambiance setting for you and your guests. No matter the theme of your any special occasion, the beautiful lush green palms may add the WOW factor to your every time. Our Palm trees flexible and hence are perfect for beach themed events or tropical parties too. Because of the frequent warm summers in the UK, there seem to be numerous palm trees that thrive their hire selection.

Tree Hire London creates a spotless framework to any type of event where they work well with multiple attractive incredible themes, such as; Tropo, Pacifica, African, Asian, Jungle, Safari, Survivor, Caribbean, Hawaiian &more. With Tree Hire London, Palm trees will be used at its best to decorate & enhance the beauty of the destination wedding or Anniversary theme. It elevates the entire venue jaw-dropping and stunning from every angle and every corner. Understanding your needs and requirements, we assist our expert professionals to visit your venue and accordingly get an idea of the space required so that they can put their best feet forward when it is the final time to execute the planning. We have various styles of palm trees in hire which are great for room fill or to use as barriers or section areas off. Some really simple ideas also are to add an LED light to them to create color in any room and also shadows across walls. All of our artificial palm trees measure up to 6ft tall and come with a stylish planter. With Tree Hire London, you can hire a Palm Tree Centerpiece for private parties, themed events, Weddings, TV Film production etc. We supply High-Quality 8 to 10fts Artificial Palm tree for hire for $400 whereas Palm tree Centerpieces OF 6ft tall at $400 within London as well as the East, South East & Midlands.

When you plan for an event to decorate, you can hire palm trees of your choice from a variety of internal and external palms. Whether you are hiring a large specimen or multiple palms for large-scale events or themes, we feel glad to offer you something very special to make it a delightful event. We specifically deliver magnificent & artificial palm trees for transforming a space into something quite spectacular which can best suit for the themed events, parties, special occasions, official parties, weddings and much more. When you want a Palm centerpiece tree to build a central point at a venue, you are seeking for something very extraordinary & special that; really gives an impact. Our palm tree centerpieces are convenient for all London events having diversified quantity. Clients lease our Palms tress for; weddings, Christmas functions, corporate functions, parties, cocktail parties, dressing up the office, for house sales, for film and photo shoots, theatre stage props, exhibitions and expo’s, school balls and many other special events.

Event Tree Hire London offers wide range of Event Trees like Cherry Blossom Tree, Winter Tree, Autumn Tree, Wisteria Tree, Led Tree, Maple Tree, Palm Tree available to hire in different styles and heights.

Go Fishing in Dubai – Once In a Lifetime Adventure

Have you ever had a chance to go deep in the sparkling blue sea of ​​Dubai on a lovely go fishing Dubai adventure? If not yet, then you are missing out a cool thing that lets you explore a colorful collection of fishes that marine life Dubai holds for a traveler like you. With its well-established historical roots that lie deep in fish hunting, this Arabian paradise offers tourists a lifetime chance to experience deep sea fishing. Even local residents leave no opportunity to try their hands on this engaging adventure in every peak season. So, why would you let it go?

Discover a snapshot of this amazing fishing trip that comes with endless opportunities for fun and relaxation in the deep-sea. Read on!

  1. Sail In Deep Sea And Have Fun

Who doesn’t love sailing on a luxury yacht while engaging himself in go fishing Dubai? Sailing on a yacht is all fun, especially when you have world-class fishing exposure in a fishing hub that every traveler loves. Just sit comfortably with your fishing gears and wait for the fish to bite. Soon you will shout with a big catch on your hands. Throw your catch back to the sea or cook it for your heart temptation – it’s all up to you, after all, it’s your catch, so your rules apply.

  1. Catch Rare Fish Species On Trip

Once you get aboard a yacht to drive to the deep sea, you will never know what surprise its mysterious sea has got for you. It’s a home to some rare fishes that you might not be familiar with. Prepare to match your IQ with the catch you catch on a fishing trip. Who knows if you are destined to have a little shark in your catch, grouper, sailfish or something that leaves you stunned for a while? Lovely experiences assured, so that you don’t come home empty-handed.

  1. Cook Your Catch For Your Tummy’s Satisfaction

How about tasting a fresh fish that your luck and hard work have just brought for you? It’s indeed a party time after you get your catch. With a plenty of options to cook fish, tasting a lip-smacking morning breakfast comes handy. At the yacht, they will open your access to an electric grill and fully equipped kitchen to make your day with a sumptuous meal.


When you have such a heart-tempting adventure of Go Fishing Dubai, you will look not elsewhere. It gives you an access to a joyful trip that goes beyond fishing. You not only explore the mystical water of Dubai and marine life but also spend a leisure time in the arms of nature. A family man couldn’t ask for more other than spending a memorable time onboard with his family on a great fishing adventure. Be there to experience things from your perspective.

Welcome to the Dubai’s 5-star luxury yacht – Xclusive Fishing! Our go Fishing Trip Dubai are as lovely as Dubai’s famous nightlife. Be with us to explore the biggest catch for you that will make you smile. We are licensed to operate in Dubai water and are fully loaded with world-class amenities to make your every second count. Call us today!

Corporate Events You Never Thought Could Be Hosted On a Yacht

If the idea of having a product launch has just come in your mind, choosing perfect conference venues Dubai would be your next concern. So, what have you decided? Doing it in a boring way or choose something that’s trending these days? This time, go for floating style conference rooms on a yacht that gives you another perspective. When you are already putting so much money into your event’s success, it’s worth choosing yachts for event hosting. Your guests will love it and give you a lot of cheers in return.

In fact, it’s not about a product launch event, but the yachts can host a variety of corporate events. Stop making guesses; let’s show you what type of events luxury yachts are suitable for hosting:

  1. Annual Sales Meetings

Annual sales meetings are organized once in a year, so celebrate them with a host that really doubles the charm with modern conference venues Dubai. Usually, salespersons put a lot of energy in meeting those difficult-to-achieve targets. Obviously, they expect more from you in return. Give their expectations a tinge of reality and make their dream of celebrating events at the seaside come true. Annual celebrations on a five-star luxury yacht in Dubai are enough to tempt them. Corporate celebrations couldn’t be better than this. They will remember you for life for this awesome location at the seaside.

  1. Product Promotions

Being a product owner, you always want to organize your product launch in a way that makes a sensation in the media world. These glittering celebrations could only be achieved if you choose a luxury host that not everyone dares to. How about organizing this event on a 5-star luxury yacht? It will not only add glamour to the party but also rocks your events with scenic seaside views. It will also help you get the immense PR exposure that you have been aiming for!

  1. Corporate Trips

Looking for a top spot where your employees can refresh on a corporate trip out? Booking a 5-star luxury yacht charter is just a click away. Perhaps if no one has ever made you familiar with this luxury trip option around, then the time has come to pull the curtains. Loaded with seaside scenic views, your employees would enjoy a rejuvenating experience on the deck. Seeing them happy would make your day. After all, you are here to see their cheerful faces and your employees will enjoy a great get-together.


Every employer aims to organize a corporate event in a style that leaves good memories for years. If you know that perfect host out of several Meeting Rooms in Dubai, then things become easier. Obviously, look no further than a yacht that has modern amenities aboard to host a successful corporate event. It boosts your PR campaigns by offering your event an ideal place to host press professionals. If they are pleased, your event will be a big hit and that’s not a secret anymore. Give them a reason to praise you.

Not getting a bang for your bucks? Or, finding it hard to locate a 5-star luxury yacht that has the charm to make your event a big hit? We, Xclusive Mice, are one of the top-performing Conference Venues Dubai that is ideal for hosting your any kind of corporate event. Call us now!

Cherry Blossom Trees Hire

There are more than fifteen varieties of cherry trees which are accessible for buying .These trees are decoratively classified, splendid blossom, adequate tree sizes and available with sweet cherries which will enhance the beauty of your garden or any area where it is fixed.

There are numerous measurements of trees which are available i.e., 6-8, 8-10, and 10-12 cm.

The following are some of the well known cherry trees:-

  1. Prunus Surbhirtella Autumnalis – this is the best tree which can be planted in the winters as white flowers blossom in this tree. Prunus Surbhirtella Autumnalis Rosea, this tree is quite similar to the former one and have small sized red flower and these trees will surely makes the garden looks more beautiful on any winter day.

  1. Prunus Tai Haku-it is the huge white cherry tree which is a bigger tree. Tai Haku is the best choice if you want to buy white colored flowers.

  1. Prunus Accolade- this tree is full of pink colored flowers and its leaves turns shiny bronze in autumn.
  2. Prunus Pink Perfection- This is a timid tree which spreads less than Kanzan which makes this tree suitable for selective locations. This is a cozy tree which can also blossom flowers in spring.
  3. There are numerous trees under the categories of flowering cherries but mostly the grower’s focus on growing the trees which are not prone to typical disease ailments. The best and most well known cheery tree for hire is Prunus Kanzan which delivers double pink colored flowers. An abundance of flowers occur at the time of spring and the leaves transform to green color at the time of summer. This tree grows for 5 meters in height and had a habit of spreading which curbs pollution.

The following are the seven types of the cherry trees:-


These mini trees are best for professional ceremonies, weddings and important dinner parties. These are wonderfully designed with the branches which can bend. The height is 55 cm by 60 cm in diameter. 3 x AA batteries are required to light the trees which start to diminish after continuous lightning of 6-8 hours of; these batteries are inclusive in the rent.


This tree is best for putting it indoor or outdoor with the appropriate table placements. This tree is lit with a 13 amp plug.


1.5m trees are marvelous in a designed pot; these are wonderful wishing trees and should be used for booking table for guests. These can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor which are powered through 13 amp plug. The light can be adjusted according to your wish. The height of these trees is 1.5 m and the diameter is 1.2m.


These are appropriate for placing in the roof and decorating the entrance. These can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor which are powered through 13 amp plug. The light can be adjusted according to your wish. The height of these trees is 2 m and the diameter is 1.7m.

There are also LOLLIPOP LED CHERRY TREES and GRANDE LED CHERRY TREE type of cherry trees.

Event Tree Hire London offers wide range of Event Trees like Cherry Blossom Tree, Winter Tree, Autumn Tree, Wisteria Tree, Led Tree, Maple Tree, Palm Tree available to hire in different styles and heights.

Your Most Frequent Queries about Fishing Charter Dubai Answered

Indulge in lifetime moments as you invite your friends to fishing charter Dubai for birthday party celebrations. Hunt fishes while you roam to deep sea like a king on the yacht with your near and dear ones. Arrange a sunset fishing trip to make every single moment count. No matter how small or big your guest numbers are, yachts can accommodate them all. These luxury yachts come in different sizes and customized to meet your event needs.

Rest assured that your guests will have a wonderful time on the deck, hunting a catch while greeting you on your birthday. Here are some of your concerns answered:

Query 1: What Experience May I Expect On The Fishing Trip?

If you choose a 5-star fishing charter Dubai that offers exclusive Dubai Fishing Trip, then the experience would be second to none. It is not a simple and boring hotel celebration where the guests get stuck indoors. It’s something more exciting than you have ever imagined. You would have your hands tried on a big catch while your guests will be partnering you in this exciting activity. You don’t have to be bothered about carrying fishing gears; the yacht will support you with those fishing kits. With the ease of bedrooms and kitchen area, you will have a lovely time on the deck. Your guests will appreciate that for sure and will look forward to trying this rare event celebration.

Query 2: I Am Looking For 5-Star Amenities, Do You Have Those?

Of course, even some yacht charters are equipped with 5-star amenities to match to your personality and class. It’s obvious that a businessman is always looking for world-class amenities. These luxury yachts are designed keeping opulent living in mind that flaunts out of its decor, food and hospitality. Satisfying a client is their biggest passion and they are willing to customize services at the deck as per the client’s event theme and preference. Your guests will have a great time aboard, what else you can ask for?

Query 3: Will You Assist My Guests In Getting A Catch?

This is why luxury yachts are here for. Equipped with SONAR they will do whatever it takes them to get their favorite Tuna fish. These professionals know that one fish species does not tempt all, so they would locate a possible place where usually many of them can be seen. Cobia, Barracuda, King Fish and Tuna, this is what they usually trap, so assisting your guests in hunting down any of them is what they love to do.


Hope your frequent queries about Fishing Charter Dubai might have cleared by now. In short, arranging your event celebrations on a yacht is a lovely adventure. Your guests will be hooked on the fishing activity that goes interesting after seeing someone having a big catch. Celebrate your birthday this year in the most fascinated way you have been dreaming about for the past many years.

Give Xclusive Fishing a chance to host your birthday celebrations on our luxury fishing charter Dubai. Equipped with 5-star amenities, we give you a reason to please your guests. Let’s help your invitees get the biggest catch of their life as they sail with us to the deep sea. Contact us today!

Tricks and Tips to Smartly Hire Conference Rooms in Dubai on a Yacht

Haven’t ever given a dime to yacht conference rooms in Dubai so far? Well, you will, especially when you have an event coming up in the next few weeks. It’s the most trendsetting option around that has shaken the hospitality industry from the core. Gone are those days when a hiring luxury yacht was only meant for celebrities and superstars. Now, prices have slashed down to such affordable rates that even a startup owner can afford these. So, then why don’t you cash out this opportunity to please your employees on the upcoming event?

But before you proceed, make sure that you have some key considerations with you to get a great deal of luxury yacht that can add value to your event celebrations. Just ponder over these quick points and the luck will follow you:

  1. Make Sure Rooms Have Appropriate Infrastructure

Be clear about your even needs. For example, you might be having a seminar with top authorities visiting in for presentation. That means, certainly, you would need a meeting hall that has the infrastructure your even demands. When it is about quality conference rooms in Dubai which are equipped with crystal clear picture and Dolby digital sound, yachts have an upper hand over hotels. With the contemporary audio/video hardware and software installed, these yachts are your plug and play option for events that require almost zero effort for setups. Your event organizing team will thank you for this adorable experience.

  1. Book Yachts When Prices Are Slashed

Still living in a myth that hotel conference rooms are less costly than yachts? Well, that’s not even close the truth. In reality, just because yachts have floating conference rooms don’t mean that they are highly charged. You can book those in a couple of thousand dollars. But before you proceed, set your budget and try to organize the event celebrations within the budget. The good part is that yachts slash down their prices in the off-season. So, organize the events when there is a less-crowd, so that you can get more while spending the same amount of money. Does it make sense? You will adore it.

  1. Ensure Twice About The Level of Customer Service

Don’t hire anyone that you randomly come across on the internet. Better do some homework to ensure that you are investing in a trusted yacht. Assessing the quality of customer service is important to ensure the success of your event. Since the bad quality could also ruin your reputation, make sure that you invest only in a five-star luxury yacht charter that never compromises with the level of hospitality service.


Though Dubai is full of yachts for hire but finding a real deal could be an overwhelming task. But don’t worry if you follow these crucial points while looking for yacht Meeting Rooms in Dubai, you would make it in no time. Prefer a 5-star yacht over a general yacht to add more luxury to your event that will make celebrations even more glamorous.

Forget the simple yachts that don’t give you the appreciation that you want. Invest in us as we, Xclusive Mice, are Dubai’s 5-star yacht charter that loves luxury as you do. Book our Conference Rooms in Dubai which is equipped with contemporary amenities to handle your events in a better way. Contact us today!