Winter Tree Hire To Add An Extraordinary Touch To Your Event

Winter is an awesome and beautiful season. There are several trees that are grown in this season and maintain the beauty of nature in its excellent and original form. Many people from all around the world are known for getting the winter trees in their surrounding or environment. It is also popular for decorating an event and for giving the event a strong and ideal look that it deserves.

Whether you plan to hold an official meeting or a wedding, the decoration is one of the most important things that one needs to focus upon. People from all around the world are focusing on the importance of the event decorations and they lay stress on making it excellent and brilliant in every possible way.

Holding an event comes with a lot of responsibilities and it has to be designed and planned in a way so that it can be there in the mind of the guests for a long time. The artificial tree rental service for events is extremely popular and there are a lot of things that the event organizers can do with it to make the event a memorable one.

There are many people who prefer winter tree hire services to give their event a beautiful and excellent look. These trees possess the ability and feature to turn any random space into a magical and alluring place and have the best of the services at their disposal.

These trees are preferred for different kind of events and for various occasions, making it look spectacular and brilliant in every possible way. There are several ways and ideal options that are available in the market and that makes it ideal for the guests to relax and enjoy them perfectly.

Explore the beauty of winter and makes your event excellent and stunning in every possible way. You deserve the best and every single penny that you spent should assure you to bring the best of the services at your disposal. There are plenty of options and excellent ways to make the event look stunning and gorgeous to every bit. Winter trees are ideal and perfect to make your venue ideal and to develop a stunning venue that will give your guests a reason to talk about your event and your choice of trees for a longer period of time.

Make sure that you get to hire the best of the tree services at your disposal so that you can receive. The tree hiring services are of brilliant quality and it is known for giving people the best reasons to shed off a lot of money from their pocket and make people explore and experience what is one-of-its-kind and brilliant in nature.

There isn’t anything as alluring and mesmerizing than to spend quality time sitting and enjoying yourself along with your guests, surrounded with beautiful winter trees that add to the extraordinary glory and beauty of the event and makes it even more memorable and beautiful in all sense.

Tree Hire London offers wide range of Event Trees like Palm Tree, Autumn Tree, Led Tree, Wisteria Tree, Winter Tree, Maple Tree, Cherry Blossom Tree available to hire in different styles and heights.


3 Viable Tips Worth Pondering for a Perfect Corporate Yacht Hire

Do you have plans to hire a yacht for conference rooms in Dubai to make your corporate event stand out? It’s a perfect initiative to arrange a really special corporate meeting with fun and frolic onboard. Your clients and employees will love this fusion. While the old-style office meetings remind everyone of the boredom, a corporate meeting on a yacht could spice up the event. Remember, these meetings lay the background of your business success.

So, give your employees nature’s best environment to brainstorm out of the box ideas. This is where yacht comes in! But there are a few considerations that you should stick to while renting the yachts for corporate events. Read on to know them:

  1. Be Clear About Your Event Goals

Aiming to hire the best deal of conference rooms in Dubai? Make sure that you have a clear idea of what your event needs. Your demands must be specific so that you don’t complain later. Not all corporate events are celebrated equally. Your business meetings with clients might require more luxury amenities than an annual sales meeting on a yacht. Since it is all about your reputation among clients and winning proposals, plan out a luxury-rich conference hall with sophisticated audio/video systems. You need to clearly define your event goal and convey it to yacht management to arrange things beforehand.

  1. Make a Realistic Budget

Everyone has a budget, drawing your lines and following them is the best thing that you could do for a successful event that goes without worries. The key to a hassle-free event arrangement is staying in those financial boundaries that are defined at the start of the event. After all, you don’t want to make a serious breach to your spending limits that give you nightmares later. Plan out a realistic budget that works out the best for you and follow it strictly, that’s the only way to go! Ask for any hidden costs that yacht companies might have before finalizing the deal to avoid breaking your bank afterward.

  1. Book And Allocate Rooms Carefully

You might be having some expectations in your mind while looking out for yacht rental for your corporate event. Take them out of your head and put those on the paper, so that you know your taste beforehand. Also, the yacht you are going to hire might have a mix of rooms available with different amenities. Make sure you divide them well so that no one feels ignored later.


Finding a good deal of meeting rooms in dubai that is worth hosting your corporate event isn’t a difficult task if you follow these considerations. Be clear about the purpose and kind of the event you are hiring a yacht for. Make a budget plan and look things in that finance restraints. You will definitely land a good deal that your guests will love to talk about.

Why struggle to find the quality conference rooms in dubai when you are aiming to host a corporate event at a yacht? Let Xclusive Mice help you accomplish your dream plans of a successful corporate event. Be with us to add more stars to your event celebrations because we are good at it. Book our yacht today!

Go Fishing Dubai – Learn What This Engaging Activity Entails

Always dream of having fun under the Sun indulging in your favorite activity? Aim for go fishing Dubai for a refreshing vacationing experience ever. Fishing started as a business in Dubai centuries ago but soon turned out to an adventure sport. Since then, it has emerged as a leading tourist spot in the Middle East for fishing tours. Every year, the city sees thousands of tourists flying down to this exotic place to feel the freedom the open sea offers at Dubai’s beautiful coastline.

That feeling of fishing in the deep sea is beyond explanation but always leaves smiles and beautiful memories. Explore what this engaging activity entails:

  1. Fun For Everyone

Fishing is not just for someone who is a pro at it but for naive as well who wants to enjoy spending time on the deck. Go fishing Dubai offers equal opportunities for swimmers and non-swimmers to try for a big catch without hassles. You don’t need to worry about anything even if you are trying it for the first time. Usually, the trained crew onboard takes a good care of customers. From assisting with bait to handling gears, their help makes things easier for you.

  1. Locate Fishes Deep In Sea

Spend memorable time doing what you have always fascinated of – fishing in the deep sea. The yacht you hire will locate the best spot ideal for fishing. This is to make sure that you don’t come back home without a catch. All necessary equipments are provided onboard. From GPS to Sonar, the charters are usually equipped with everything that helps locate fishes without wandering here and there.

  1. Tempt Your Taste Buds

Fishing in the midst of a sea is addictive and falling in love with this activity is beyond one’s control. Turn aquaholic as you explore deep sea for big game fishing. Barbeque your catch for the morning meal. Bet you ever had such a fresh, tempting and tasty breakfast in your life. Apart from enjoying fishing, get some crazy pictures with your catch to show the world the wonders you can do. Holidaying in the deep sea hunting for your catch is the perfect adventure activity that you can compliment your family with. They will appreciate this beautiful gift on any occasion.


Consider go fishing dubai and enjoy your passion for fishing in the midst of the sea. The beautiful views at the deep sea touch every heart. You go there once and you will come back for it in the near future, for sure. This is a story of almost every traveler who experiences deep sea fishing in Dubai. Fun and frolic never end at a yacht. Literally, you get aboard once and you will love every single moment of fishing activity.

Be with Xclusive Fishing for go fishing dubai because we serve an extra class of comfort that none other can match. We are a five-star luxury yacht that offers bespoke fishing tours in Dubai for our clients’ satisfaction. Call us today to inquire more about our offering.

Prefer A Yacht To Host a Meaningful Meeting

Striving to get a wonderful location where you can have a meaningful discussion with your employees? Hire a corporate yacht that offers luxury meeting rooms in Dubai for corporate meetings. Hosting a business meet-up at the seawater is an unusual activity for most of the companies. But with the cool breeze at the seaside, this option works like a charm. It is a perfect mean for taking your engagement with your employees to the next levels. Arranging a business meeting on a luxury yacht means your employees will hook onto the meeting rather than finding a way to take a nap in between those meetings that drag for all day long.

With the luxury of a five-star yacht, you will greatly ensure to have a meaningful meeting. Here are the top reasons to convince you for a meeting at the yacht:

  1. Go Off-Site To Make A Difference

Going off-site is important and need of the times if your meeting is more focused on strategic planning. Your team members will need a quiet and comfortable space that helps them brainstorm ideas that matter. Scheduling these business get-togethers in luxury meeting rooms in Dubai gives their brain a place to think out of the box. The lively aura inside the rooms will encourage their minds to address complicated issues in a matter of minutes.

  1. A New Space Acts Like A Blank Canvas

Do you know that absence of those ideal corporate mottos, slogans and visual cues help employees push their creativity out of the box? Sitting at a new place encourages the generation of new ideas which have the ability to churn out a viable solution against complex problems in business. This is what you have been aiming for, isn’t it? The yacht space decorated with luxury interiors act like a canvas where employees draw out solutions.

  1. Put Away The Daily Office Distractions

Seeking a place where your employees get less distracted? It couldn’t be better than a yacht. Having a meeting in the midst of sea with water all around offers them a space without distractions. Meeting that strikingly perfect place, your team need not worry about technological interruptions. It will boost their focus and help you carry-on productive meeting sessions.


A well-planned meeting venue with minimal interruptions could actually help you achieve productivity out of those business meetings which decide the lifeline of your business. Look for luxury meeting rooms in dubai in a yacht that offers natural daylight and scenic view of the sea that encourage attendees to think beyond their limits. Floating on water, their brain will have the right atmosphere to generate ideas. This unique location also gives them a space to celebrate after meeting and achieve the most out of their time.

At Xclusive Mice, we welcome you aboard to arrange floating business meetings which your employees will applaud. Our luxury conference venues in dubai have all those amenities that your staff needs during those brainstorming sessions. Call us now to book your slot today!

Treat Your Soul With An Enchanting Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

Do you need a break from hectic city life? If yes, then deep sea fishing Dubai could sooth your senses. Dubai is one of the most sought places to indulge in fishing and really, this activity can’t be better than this. With a plenty of fishes of all species, there are hidden treasures to discover in this incredible place. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you will spend time on a fishing charter doing what you love to do. You will enjoy being in the middle of the sea waiting for the biggest catch of your life.

Experience this activity where the world prefers the most and that place is Dubai. Let’s find out more about what deep sea fishing is all about.

  1. Fishing is Loved For A Long Time

For your information, deep sea fishing Dubai has been practiced for a long time in this ancient city. Its strategic location makes it a hub for fishing where you will come across all types of fishes. Though the city has skyscrapers to talk about but fishing has been centuries old sports activity still being practiced here with the same joy. On your fishing trip, you will have a golden chance to unfold the untold stories of water and come back home with lots of fishes in your net.

  1. The Quality Time That Counts

Interestingly, Dubai’s blue water has lots of fishes each varying in its type and size. Even fishing on the same yacht, you might have a different catch. Tourists love this thing and often looking for the catch they are most fascinated with. Searching for them is all fun. Have you invited your friends onboard? This is probably the best thing to count every second of your fishing activity. Enjoy gossiping with your friends as you wait for your catch. The incredible experience of deep sea fishing is enough to keep you on the toes.

  1. Snapshot of Deep Sea Fishing Activity

To do deep sea fishing in Dubai, the yacht will take you about 30 km inside the sea from the shore line. The journey to reach the fishing spot might take 45 minutes or so. Sometimes, it may vary depending on the weather and water conditions. The captain will judge the fishing spot and will signal you for fishing. Then, the fishing hunt begins that may last for several hours, typically, 4-6 hours. You could also hire the private charter for a selected duration of your choice. There will be trainers onboard who will guide you with tips and tricks to get the catch. If you are lucky, you will have multiple catches on the day. Altogether, you will love the experience.


With a name all over the world, deep sea fishing dubai is worth every penny spent on the fishing trip. Dubai remains unexplored if you don’t go for a fishing adventure that takes you deep in the sea to relish the activity. While indulging in fishing, the beautiful sights and the pulse of the water will make you fall in love with this place. Enjoy the fishing in a way like never before on a private yacht charter.

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3 Things To Keep In Mind Prior To Dubai Boat Tour Bookings!

Have you ever had a chance to experience the ravishing scenic views of Dubai on Dubai boat tour? This emirates beauty will thrill you from within the moment you see it on a boat trip. Watching those skyscrapers touching heights of the sky as you ride on a small boat is an enchanting experience that hardly any city can offer other than Dubai. You might have heard tourists talking about their lifetime tour to watch sleek waterline of Marina river.

After hearing such sweet travel stories, who would resist exploring the glittering side of this beautiful city? At least, not a backpacker like you. So, before you pack your bags for a boat ride in Dubai, check out a few good things to keep in mind:

  1. Confirm What’s In The Package!

If this is the first time you are heading to experience Dubai boat tour, do a thorough research about the each and every aspect of the tour package. Wondering why should you pay a dime to those minute details? Well, because each Dubai sightseeing package covers different travel areas, operates in a different time of the day with different time duration and so on. Your choice for these points might or might not be covered in the package. To confirm it beforehand is always a smart choice. Also, keep things close to your budget, so that you don’t come home financially drained.

  1. Make Your Choice Carefully!

Are you traveling in groups? It’s better to book an entire boat exclusively for your group buddies. It’s a smart decision to get a Dubai boat tour reserved for your travel group prior to the day of the journey. The last minute bookings may put your tour plans in trouble, especially in the peak season when boats are booked months in advance. If you don’t mind stretching your budget lines a bit, you could also avail individual excursion on the boat trips in Dubai. It unfolds you the Dubai boat experience while keeping your privacy at the same time – a lifetime experience that will stay in your memories forever.

  1. Strictly Adhere To Time Schedules!

Though you might love reaching late to the office almost every day, but keeping stick to that casual behavior could cost you a lifetime trip. These boats sail off at the fixed time schedules and no excuses are entertained, so you better be at the pick-up point 30 minutes prior to the boat’s sailing time. Stick to the schedule for bringing home the positive travel experiences.


Keep these things in mind while deciding Dubai boat tour and you will certainly make the most out of this thrilling boat ride experience. You will come home with the mesmerizing memories of Dubai that doubles its charm when experienced on a motor boat. To keep this blissful tour effect increase by many folds, pick the right Dubai boat trip company. You will always feel the warmth of the cozy boat travel experience of Dubai and bring home the goodies of memories that you will always love to talk about.

Are you looking to get an outstanding dubai marina boat tour package that has everything to make your Dubai sightseeing the memorable trip of your life? Talk to us ! We know what a demanding traveler like you is always looking for, so we have bespoke our boat trip packages that best suit to your needs. Just pack your bags to see Dubai like never before.

Not-To-Miss Aspects Before You Rent A Yacht in Dubai

Planning your next trip to Dubai? Rent a yacht in Dubai which is the most appealing way to visit its coastline. With your favorite delicacies onboard, vacationing on yacht charter is a great fun. Some part of the deck is kept open to give you the glimpses of seaside beauty. Vacationing on a yacht can accommodate your friends or family if you are visiting with a group. However, it’s better to know a few important things before you rent out a yacht in Dubai. Let’s make you acquainted with those crucial aspects for an outstanding yachting experience ever.

  1. Choose Among Various Yacht Options

Decide which type of yacht will suit your need. There are a plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you can go for a skipped charter, a big house boat and catamaran among various other options. If you have no prior experience in sailing, a skipper with a captain onboard will help you explore the places of interest on a chartered boat. A catamaran is also a good option for first-time visitors. A house boat may be more suitable to those who are holidaying on a yacht with a large group.

  1. Decide Who Is Going To Cruise With You

A yacht charter choice may vary if your kids are coming with you. You need to make sure that yacht has all the amenities required for little kids with you before you rent a yacht in Dubai. Before you reserve your yacht, make sure you ask the yacht rental company if they have all amenities onboard for your kids. You can ask for safe cabins, life vests and associated things for the utmost safety of your kids.

  1. Where to Berth?

You must know beforehand where to berth after you get done with the cruising. If you have enough water and food onboard, then you might spend a night on a secure bay on the coast. But if you are new to yachting and don’t know your way out, it’s better to ask for help from the yacht charter agency.

  1. Keep Weather In-Check

Weather is a huge factor to be considered prior to yachting. A bad weather during your sailing can be a big turn off. That’s why it’s important that you should avoid your sightseeing planning in the rainy season. The weather is always unpredictable. A sudden rise in the sea water can occur anytime, but don’t worry. The captains on the yacht always have a backup plan to take you for yachting on an alternative route. However, you must avoid yachting in the rainy season.


Booking a yacht is fairly easy nowadays with the evolution of online yacht rental websites with round the clock booking availability. However, make sure that you plan out the things well before you rent a yacht in Dubai. Ask the questions mentioned here to a yacht rental company and hire the one that answers your queries close to your needs.

Thinking to rent a yacht in dubai? Let a luxury yacht come to your help. We are Arabian Yachting, the premium service provider for yachting in Dubai. We have a contemporary fleet of yachts to offer you the best sailing experience in Dubai. Call us today to get a luxury yacht on rent for Yacht Party or all kinds of events at an affordable price.