3 Things To Keep In Mind Prior To Dubai Boat Tour Bookings!

Have you ever had a chance to experience the ravishing scenic views of Dubai on Dubai boat tour? This emirates beauty will thrill you from within the moment you see it on a boat trip. Watching those skyscrapers touching heights of the sky as you ride on a small boat is an enchanting experience that hardly any city can offer other than Dubai. You might have heard tourists talking about their lifetime tour to watch sleek waterline of Marina river.

After hearing such sweet travel stories, who would resist exploring the glittering side of this beautiful city? At least, not a backpacker like you. So, before you pack your bags for a boat ride in Dubai, check out a few good things to keep in mind:

  1. Confirm What’s In The Package!

If this is the first time you are heading to experience Dubai boat tour, do a thorough research about the each and every aspect of the tour package. Wondering why should you pay a dime to those minute details? Well, because each Dubai sightseeing package covers different travel areas, operates in a different time of the day with different time duration and so on. Your choice for these points might or might not be covered in the package. To confirm it beforehand is always a smart choice. Also, keep things close to your budget, so that you don’t come home financially drained.

  1. Make Your Choice Carefully!

Are you traveling in groups? It’s better to book an entire boat exclusively for your group buddies. It’s a smart decision to get a Dubai boat tour reserved for your travel group prior to the day of the journey. The last minute bookings may put your tour plans in trouble, especially in the peak season when boats are booked months in advance. If you don’t mind stretching your budget lines a bit, you could also avail individual excursion on the boat trips in Dubai. It unfolds you the Dubai boat experience while keeping your privacy at the same time – a lifetime experience that will stay in your memories forever.

  1. Strictly Adhere To Time Schedules!

Though you might love reaching late to the office almost every day, but keeping stick to that casual behavior could cost you a lifetime trip. These boats sail off at the fixed time schedules and no excuses are entertained, so you better be at the pick-up point 30 minutes prior to the boat’s sailing time. Stick to the schedule for bringing home the positive travel experiences.


Keep these things in mind while deciding Dubai boat tour and you will certainly make the most out of this thrilling boat ride experience. You will come home with the mesmerizing memories of Dubai that doubles its charm when experienced on a motor boat. To keep this blissful tour effect increase by many folds, pick the right Dubai boat trip company. You will always feel the warmth of the cozy boat travel experience of Dubai and bring home the goodies of memories that you will always love to talk about.

Are you looking to get an outstanding dubai marina boat tour package that has everything to make your Dubai sightseeing the memorable trip of your life? Talk to us ! We know what a demanding traveler like you is always looking for, so we have bespoke our boat trip packages that best suit to your needs. Just pack your bags to see Dubai like never before.


Not-To-Miss Aspects Before You Rent A Yacht in Dubai

Planning your next trip to Dubai? Rent a yacht in Dubai which is the most appealing way to visit its coastline. With your favorite delicacies onboard, vacationing on yacht charter is a great fun. Some part of the deck is kept open to give you the glimpses of seaside beauty. Vacationing on a yacht can accommodate your friends or family if you are visiting with a group. However, it’s better to know a few important things before you rent out a yacht in Dubai. Let’s make you acquainted with those crucial aspects for an outstanding yachting experience ever.

  1. Choose Among Various Yacht Options

Decide which type of yacht will suit your need. There are a plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you can go for a skipped charter, a big house boat and catamaran among various other options. If you have no prior experience in sailing, a skipper with a captain onboard will help you explore the places of interest on a chartered boat. A catamaran is also a good option for first-time visitors. A house boat may be more suitable to those who are holidaying on a yacht with a large group.

  1. Decide Who Is Going To Cruise With You

A yacht charter choice may vary if your kids are coming with you. You need to make sure that yacht has all the amenities required for little kids with you before you rent a yacht in Dubai. Before you reserve your yacht, make sure you ask the yacht rental company if they have all amenities onboard for your kids. You can ask for safe cabins, life vests and associated things for the utmost safety of your kids.

  1. Where to Berth?

You must know beforehand where to berth after you get done with the cruising. If you have enough water and food onboard, then you might spend a night on a secure bay on the coast. But if you are new to yachting and don’t know your way out, it’s better to ask for help from the yacht charter agency.

  1. Keep Weather In-Check

Weather is a huge factor to be considered prior to yachting. A bad weather during your sailing can be a big turn off. That’s why it’s important that you should avoid your sightseeing planning in the rainy season. The weather is always unpredictable. A sudden rise in the sea water can occur anytime, but don’t worry. The captains on the yacht always have a backup plan to take you for yachting on an alternative route. However, you must avoid yachting in the rainy season.


Booking a yacht is fairly easy nowadays with the evolution of online yacht rental websites with round the clock booking availability. However, make sure that you plan out the things well before you rent a yacht in Dubai. Ask the questions mentioned here to a yacht rental company and hire the one that answers your queries close to your needs.

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Tempting Reasons for Enjoying Sport Fishing in Dubai

Most people recognize Dubai as a metropolitan mogul but do you know it’s also a hub for fishing? Its rich history shows how deeply locals have enjoyed sport fishing Dubai. In fact, it was a premier destination for fishing sports before the skilled artisans turned into a modern city. If you go back deep down the history, you will know that this place was once used for fishing, trading and pearl harvesting. Even now, it hasn’t forgotten its roots and activities that have been carried out here for a long time.

Fishing is still here the favorite water sports and will always be. Let’s check out what Dubai has got for you if you are planning out for a fishing trip soon in Dubai:

  1. A Prime Spot For Fishing Activities

Being a leading tourist destination with ample opportunities for fishing, Dubai has established its reputation as a fishing hub in the world. People not just come here for skyscrapers but also for fishing expeditions. Holding some of the most loved varieties of fishes, the place has countless species of these little creatures that take the attention of the visitors. You will never go back home without a catch and that is the reason for people to come here and explore this place.

  1. Growing Number of Yacht Rental Agencies

There has been a significant growth in the number of professional yacht rental companies in the region due to a rise in demand for sport fishing Dubai. You will see that locals are as much interested for this sport as the way foreigners do in almost every season. The foreigners who come here for the fishing tour go back home tempted and tell stores of their exciting journey to their friends. This has lead to a serious increase in demand for fishing for the past years, giving fishing charter companies a chance to grow and provide world-class amenities to their customers.

  1. Fishing is Inhibited In Its Culture

Dubai’s culture is as glossy at front as its marine life. It attracts the people from all over the world and they come here to spend a long weekend on a fishing tour. Blessed with high skyscrapers and marine life, Dubai has emerged as a leading tourist spot where people like to try something tangy like a fishing activity. After all, nobody minds having their own catch and cooking it for a morning meal. Indeed, a tourist kind of thing that they don’t want to miss at all.


Your dreams of adventure sport fishing dubai are truly worth giving them a try that you will never regret. Dubai welcomes everyone who likes to explore unseen varieties of fishes. Be there on a fishing tour and experience the unique feeling of hunting your own catch. Dubai has reasons to explore its deep sea and catch the fish of your dreams.

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Explore The Real Beauty Of Dubai Through Cheap Dubai Marina Boat Cruise

If you are a true nature lover, if you want to explore the real essence and beauty of Dubai, then you cannot miss out experiencing the boat cruise. Known to all, Dubai is a very popular tourist destination for people coming from all around the world. People lands here with a lot of speculations and a lot of imagination about how the beauty of the region would be. Of course, none of them get dissatisfied after exploring the area.

There are a whole lot of places in Dubai that you can visit and enjoy thoroughly. There is a rich cultural and historical background that it holds close to its hearts. There are a lot of things to enjoy to the core. Dubai is a city of amusements and beauty. You will be left stunned at the sight of the modern architecture and its glory that the city holds. It is famous for its high rises, skyscrapers, and beautifully designed buildings. The hotels are luxurious and comfortable, equipped with all modern amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. There are many places in Dubai that you can visit, such as the ski centre in a gigantic mall or the tall buildings.

However, one of the most popular and excellent methods of exploring the beauty of the city is to avail a cheap dubai marina boat cruise. Dubai cruise tour is simply refreshing and captivating. It serves excellent purpose of unveiling the excellent beauty and gorgeousness of the region and also contributes excellently in helping the people on the boat to relax comfortably while sailing away from all tensions and pressures of their life. You will have a mesmerizing feeling of riding a tour and being closer to the stunning and striking beauty of the city.

Sailing in the lap of water while the smell of the sea and the sea breezes play with your senses is one of the most explicit and beautiful feelings that cannot be described in words. This is a perfect idea to spend your holiday and to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can start your day with a cruise or plan to end it up after you are done with your sightseeing and shopping. You just need to relax and sit down, while you keep each of your thoughts at bay.

A good boat ride or a good company at the boat is also necessary as it helps you to feel comfortable and to gather excellent and unknowing facts of the city. There is no experience as good and as pleasurable as you can get through the boat cruise of Dubai. Make sure that the next time you land up here, or if you are landing here for the first time, you should not leave behind the brilliant activity of indulging in the boat ride and in cruising around the city while comfortably enjoying the luxurious facilities available at the boat. The ride makes your holiday a memorable one and gives you an experience that you can cherish throughout your life.

Chartering Luxury Yachts: Follow These Tips to Make the Perfect Choice

Imagine traveling to seaside in Dubai on a motor-driven luxury boat? It’s an adventure worth exploring, at least once in a lifetime, by considering luxury yacht rental Dubai. For a tourist, it is a perfect way of vacationing on a special weekend journey. Want to go beyond luxury? Ask for luxury yachts which are equipped with Jacuzzi whirlpool baths. Get ready to experience opulent living in the midst of sea where you will have access to royal style amenities.

But before you make your choice, don’t skip out the crucial consideration of hiring the luxury yacht in Dubai. Below are the quick considerations that will help:

  1. Knowing The Boat Size Required

Yacht size is the foremost factor that should be kept at the front while deciding luxury yacht rental Dubai. Vessels are available for almost any size which can accommodate a number of visitors. However, you should know which one fits into your wallet and requirements. For instance, hiring a 200 feet luxury yacht in the length just or two persons onboard doesn’t make a sense unless you have something very wild in your mind. Just make sure what are you looking for and which one fits your crew.

  1. Set Limits For Your Budget

Looking for outstanding luxury amenities with a royal touch in every service? Maybe a private luxury yacht hiring will fit well to your needs. However, drawing clear lines of your budget limits is necessary because the luxury comes with a cost. Especially during the peak season, their rent may trigger a bit, so, it would be better if you determine your budget in an advance and stay in the limits.

  1. Book The Trip Date In Advance

Knowing exact date of your trip will help you avoid the additional charges that might occur otherwise. Most yacht charter agencies require submitting your booking request at least 3 days prior to the trip. Some even charge a premium on bookings if reserved when less than 7 days are remaining for the trip. Why pay more when you can plan the trip 6 months prior? At least, you would be saved from unnecessary surcharges if act on time.


Dubai offers ample opportunities to explore its scenic views on a yacht. However, at every point of your yacht trip to Dubai, these crucial considerations will help. Grabbing a great deal of luxury yacht rental Dubai is only possible if you know what to ask for and things to follow. Whichever yacht charter you hire, just try to plan it out 6 months ahead, so that you get the desired date and time of your choice, no matter how busy yacht agencies are in the peak season. This will ensure a great trip that’s well-planned and executed to spend a memorable time on the yacht.

At Arabian Yachting, we offer luxury yacht rental dubai at amazingly affordable prices. Whether you are here for a yacht party or for seaside journey with your friends, we welcome you with our hospitable services. We are here to please you with our professional yacht services blended in a hospitality that you will appreciate. Call us now!

3 Things To Look After While Reserving Deep Sea Fishing Trip Dubai

Enjoy your holidays on deep sea fishing trip Dubai and fulfill your promise for perfect vacations to your family. Fishing has been performed in the city of Dubai for a long time and even today, it is the perfect adventure activity for locals. How come foreigners stay away from a hub that holds beautiful species of fishes in its sea? You will see a number of tourists from all over the world who get together here with their family and friends to spice up their vacations with fishing activities on a yacht. Here are some crucial details before you put your first step forward for a fishing tour:

  1. Pick The Best Time For Fishing

You might be wondering about what you are going to catch on the fishing trip. It could be anything from barracuda to sheri or grouper to barracuda. Who knows? But yes, the Dubai water has a plenty of them and luring them with your bait isn’t a daunting task at all. Though fishing activity touches its bottom levels in the summer season but there are months that are blessed with lots of fishes. Book a tour in between October and March and get ready to tempt your heart with lots of fishes.

  1. Assure Good Amount of Amenities Onboard

Invest in a tempting deep sea fishing trip Dubai that is hosted by a reputed yacht charter company. If you are looking for a truly royal experience, you could even go for luxury yachts. However, make sure that these yachts address every single amenity that you might need during the course of your travel. For instance, they must have packaged filtered water bottles in their stock because due to humid conditions, your body will demand more water than usual. They should also be ready with fishing equipment and ready to handle adverse weather conditions all the time.

  1. Decide Best Time of The Day For Fishing

Timing is the crucial aspect of the expedition that optimizes your chances for a big catch. You should strike your prey when they are out on their meals. In fact, that’s the best time and a good yacht charter agency knows this pretty well. The perfect time to start off for this activity is around 6 AM and around 2 PM for the afternoon slot. A majority of fishing trip agencies operates their trips in these time slots but ask them once before you reserve your tickets.


Make your way through the waves during deep sea fishing trips dubai to explore beyond your imagination. Lots of fishes are out there, giving you a golden chance to be your afternoon meal. Before you prey them, make sure you keep these quick tips in mind for achieving utmost satisfaction out of the fishing activity. Catch your favorite barracuda and show the world what you have got.

Be aboard our luxury yacht on deep sea fishing trip dubai and set yourself on an enchanting fishing experience. We are Xclusive Fishing, the luxury yacht charter agency that takes you deep down the sea to meet unseen species of fishes. Call us today to get your tickets reserved!

Why Opting For A Dubai Marina Boat Cruise is Beneficial for You?

Do you wish to have one of the most sought after travelling experiences amidst other tourists and residents during your trip to Dubai? Are you on the lookout for options where you can have a lot of fun while exploring Dubai? Opting for a Marina boat cruise can then be your ideal way to enjoy the magnificence of the night sky, feel the breeze of the mighty ocean and even look at the beauty of the nature!

A boat cruise in Dubai can be your great way to help and relax your worries for a while. No matter whether you are on a trip with your friends or with family, it will give you the opportunity to refresh and rewind yourself because dealing with daily routine can be overwhelming. And a trip to this city can be your ideal getaway to have fun and create some lifetime memories. Jumping on board for a mesmerizing cruise through the beautiful Marina can thus be your perfect way!

Still wondering what makes this cruise so beneficial? Below are few simple benefits of opting for a boat cruise!

4 Key Benefits Of Choosing A Dubai Marina Boat Cruise

  1. Saves You Time And Money

Though it’s true that many people wish to have the comfort and luxury of exclusive boat experiences every once in a while, not everyone has the time or the affordability to buy their own boat. In such cases, opting for a boat tour can come handy for ensuring that no matter what constraints you have, you will not miss the opportunity to have a great time to be out simply because you have a limited budget.

  1. Unique Features

Leading tour operators, renowned for providing dubai marina boat cruise, offer travellers with numerous exceptional features. During the mesmerizing cruise through the beautiful Dubai Marina, they ensure that tourists can make the most out of their trip by offering a range of features like-

  • Comfortable seating
  • Air-conditioned Lower Deck
  • Open Air Upper Deck
  • Background Music
  • Water on board
  • Male And Female Bathrooms
  • Affordable rates
  • Frequent departures

  1. Exemplary Services

Reputed service providers provide their customers with various professional services like sailing and guiding you about the tour. Rental boat services ensure the security and safety of their customers by providing you with as much information as available. They educate you about various safety precautions like wearing a life jacket, importance of adhering to various rules and regulations while travelling on the boat, etc.

  1. Numerous Fun Activities

With these boat tours, you even stand the chance to choose from a varied range of cruise. Be it for a romantic dinner date or a trip around Dubai in the beautiful waters, this can undoubtedly be one of your best experiences!

Now that you are aware of the great benefits, what are you still waiting for? Quickly get in touch with a reputed tour operator in Dubai and opt for an amazing boat cruise through the magnificent Marina!