Tree hire London

Do you feel that it is really difficult to preserve your gardens, awns or even the parties which you arrange for celebrating festivals and occasions? So you might be occupied with the thoughts of how you should care about your plants and trees without disturbing your regular time table. So if you are having these issues, don’t get tensed, just hire the tree experts who will make your job easier and you will always cherish this decision of hiring them.

Irrespective of your requirement whether you want the assistance for commercial or domestic purpose, we have the dedicated team which ensures of providing you the best services in the fixed time duration. Our team is proficient in hedge cutting, removal of the stump, designing the bushes, cutting them into proper shape and identical sizes etc. We are confident that after getting the transformation from our team you would be surprised by the spectacular beauty of your garden. If you want any particular service then we also offer customized plans for our customers.

If you are still confused and wondering whether you should hire us or not then just scroll down and have a look on the outstanding advantages of opting us for tree hiring :-

  1. Supreme quality work:-

Our company has numerous experts who will guide you best which tree should be hired and for which occasion you should hire which type of plants and trees. The hire of the trees also depends upon the space which is available to plant the trees, so for all this you always require an advice of a professional’s these individuals are trained very well how to take extreme care of plants and trees , we are sure that you will love your garden even more once the work is completed.

  1. Available 24*7:-

There can be a sudden storm which could ruin the entire look of your garden or yard. In this situation things cannot be managed by an ordinary person alone. So you will be requiring assistance from a service provider who provides trees for hire or professionals who are expert to resolve any issue regarding the trees in the emergency timings. We offer our service round the clock irrespective of the fact whether its night or even heavenly stormy.

  1. Specific insurance assured:-

You should be assertive and tension free that a professional will provide you the best services possible. There are many companies which offer insurance plans to their customers. The damage can occur any time so it is always better to be insured

  1. Provides protection & well being:-

If you hire us, you will be insured of best protection and safety from our workers. These professionals take care about carrying out their duties with diligence as well as provide safety and check the health standards as well of you and your family and even your neighborhood. So whether it’s arranging for parties or restructuring your personal yard, these experts ensures the safety of our customers first.

So just grab this opportunity and if still you have questions regarding anything, just feel free to contact us.

Event Tree Hire London offers wide range of Event Trees like Winter Tree, Autumn Tree, Wisteria Tree, Led Tree, Maple Tree, Cherry Blossom Tree, Palm Tree available to hire in different styles and heights.


Top 3 Occasions Where You Hiring Fishing Charter Dubai Rocks

Aspiring to make your event celebrations stand out? Hiring fishing charter Dubai works wonders when your aim is to please your guests. A majority of tourists think that yacht rentals are just for lifetime events. But in reality, this is not the case. In fact, many corporate and sports companies organize events on a luxury yacht. Their aim is to give their employees/team members a chance to see the world while enjoying the luxury of the yacht.

So, if you have an upcoming corporate meeting or a fishing competition, the yacht rental option will work wonders for you. Take a look below at the kind of events the yacht hiring is best suitable for:

  1. Corporate Meetings

It’s common for a corporate to organize events throughout the year. They could be anything from an annual sale meeting to an employee recognition award ceremony. Hiring fishing charter Dubai with luxury convention hall for meetings is a perfect way to please their employees. For most employees, it could be a first-time adventure that reaps praises in the return. Your employees will appreciate the idea of meeting on a yacht while enjoying their post-meeting time doing fishing. It will boost their productivity as they will feel more attached to the company after the event.

  1. Sports Events

Dubai is a host to many sports events throughout the year. So, if your team is here to perform, give them a chance to refresh at a yacht after the sports events. The idea of fishing while enjoying the luxury amenities of a five-star yacht is a perfect one. Those hard workers deserve a break, after all, they put a lot of efforts to prove their worth in the game. Complimenting them with a yacht trip will get you their personal attention. Your team members will love the care if you opt considering luxury yachts for fishing trip dubai. It will compliment their performance that you will get to see soon.

  1. Film And Art Shoot-Ups

Want to perform a perfect shoot in a mid of beautiful views? Filming on a yacht could be the best deal for you when the place is as good as Dubai. In fact, thousands of film producers fly to Dubai every year to shoot their movies in a perfect setting. So, if you have a couple of shoot-ups to perform in sea settings, head to Dubai and rent a yacht charter to compliment your movie with the best sceneries of seawater.


Whatever the occasion is, hiring Fishing Charter Dubai always compliment it. Don’t you want to see your employees talking about a memorable event that you have just arranged on a yacht? Then, renting a yacht puts you in a better situation to receive compliments.

Book Xclusive Fishing Yacht for a five-star experience out of fishing charter Dubai. We know the amazing spots of the sea where you can easily meet the biggest catch your life. Be with us to spend a memorable time hunting fishes in the deep sea. You will never return without a catch as we are there to help you at every step. Contact us today!

Less-Heard Reasons to Consider Yacht for Investor Meetings

Wondering where to host your upcoming investor meeting? Obviously, you won’t settle for less than a luxury meeting room rental Dubai because it’s a matter of your reputation. Also, you might want them to appreciate your arrangements. That means a typical hotel won’t help this time because your board members might have had enough of it. Wouldn’t it be great if you pick a luxury yacht for your board meeting this time? It will come as a beautiful surprise to your investors who might be expecting something extraordinary option from you and yachts will do the trick for you.

What makes yacht a cool option for corporate hires? If this is the first time you are hiring a luxury event rental, then here are a few amenities of these yachts that will convince you for making a decision in the favor:

  1. Offers A Perfect Backdrop For Meetings

Dreaming of a fascinating backdrop that could gain the attention of your guests? This is where considering meeting room rental Dubai on a yacht outshines other options for the investor meeting. They all are VIPs who are never going to settle for less. But the scenic views at the seaside will surely make up their mood. Sea is the best option when you are looking for a perfect backdrop that’s blessed with nature’s beauty and doesn’t come with a high cost. While the perfect weather at the seaside is doing its magic, it’s a great time to pitch your new business ideas. Chances are that things will be in your favor soon.

  1. Luxury That Always Receives Appreciation

Who minds having praises and appreciation? That comes obviously with a yacht for corporate hire option. You mind be wondering how. This is because every single thing is so much professionally handled on the yacht that it never misses winning the hearts. Your investors, of course, are not an exemption. Some of these yachts offer 5-star luxury that would work like a secret recipe to win their favor.

  1. Perfect Option For Excursion While You Discuss Business

Hotels aren’t the best option when you have a corporate trip in your mind. But this is not the case with yachts. If you consider yachts for corporate trips, you don’t have to invest in another option to roam around. This is a standalone option that takes you on an outing that your investors will love. No need to hire taxis separately for excursion purposes. That makes yachts a competitive option over the hotels that serve your guests in the loveliest way.


After seeing so many convincing reasons, who will mind organizing an investor meeting on the yacht? Where there is a need for contemporary meeting room rental dubai, yachts are counted as a foremost choice. With growing corporate meetings and parties, it isn’t a secret anymore in the corporate world. So, put your first leap forward to organize the upcoming board meeting on a yacht that will make your impressions.

We are Xclusive Mice, the award-winning corporate yacht for hire and the top option for contemporary Conference room hire dubai. We sail around the perfect backdrop that your board members will love. Our trained crew portrays best examples of hospitality that has gained us a five-star reputation in Dubai. Be our guest today and experience the service quality we are talking about. Call us now!

Event Tree Hire

Tree Hire London is peculiar, captivating & exemplary for chief events, official parties, wedding ceremonies, birthday’s, baby showers and like more special occasions.

It generally includes a wide variety of trees available in different styles and heights. We conceive, there are small things which may a lot of difference, those are only personal touches that truly make the event feel like your own. We always promise to deliver a first class ‘value for money’ service – using best Event trees to hire  –make sure they are of superior quality & up to mark coming with attractive results. We invest our full efforts and give our 200% with passion for the event as they cherish lifetime memories for years.

We exclusively work & bring out an extensive scope of autonomous event co-coordinators, event planners, event designers, interior designers and expert traders across London assisting them to develop an ideal zone.

Tree Hire London is handy, readily available in various styles and sizes; that let on you to prefer us which gives a grand applause to your event. For lawn, backyards or a courtyard kind of event, where verdure and blossoms are in bounty, we suggest our natural brown torso and ivory snow light event trees, which reflects a lavish ‘real’ look, which gives splendid & classic appearance for the outdoors.

Tree Hire London is specially designed for weddings that are extremely remarkable & famous! These trees spontaneously turn any arena into a fascinating destination. We frequently approach wedding, occasional events, corporate event planners to lease our excellent quality imitative trees and plants needed for their occasions. We are glad to avail this opportunity and offer rental our Flawless trees to event organizers by creating our next event the most spectacular. All the trees used for the wedding are personally selected by Tree Hire London team itself. From the initial devising and outline to the final setup, we work closely with each of our expert decorators as well as the designers, event managers & co-coordinators, lighting designers to create an overwhelming outcome.  Our experienced professional team & planners get together at your amenity and set up the trees right away with an ease and efficiently.

In case if you are planning to summarize exquisite flicker or a glow neighboring the stage platform, we can create gloaming flash for you with delicate blossoms on the event day. We know that your wedding, special occasions, official parties, get together, commercial set designs, retail display or event is unique & generic product in our design portfolio. We always offer unique creations for perfect themed reception parties, corporate events, home parties top table design, branch screens, tree clusters, window and staircase dressing, lighting solutions, outdoor design, isle and church decor. We also provide an extensive venue transformation service and inspirational commercial set design and retail display created to your exact budget. We design a dazzling portfolio with creative wedding tree designs to suit your any budget.

From launching a new ingenious product to bring an impact to it and give a personal touch. Tree Hire London commits to work with you from deviation to formulation.

Event Tree Hire London offers wide range of Event Trees like Autumn Tree, Led Tree, Maple Tree, Cherry Blossom Tree, Wisteria Tree, Palm Tree, Winter Tree available to hire in different styles and heights.

Plan Out Deep Sea Dubai Fishing Tour and Flaunt Your Social Side

For those who have never thought of an exciting outing like Dubai fishing tour, this adventure activity could be a real mood maker. The fishing expedition will let you discover the beauty that lies deep within the Gulf Coast. Bet if you have seen such an amazing marine life before. Dubai prides to be a fishing hub that holds the secret in its deep sea. If you are always glued to your job all the times, taking some time out for fishing activity will keep stress at bay.

Seaside adventure is a far different experience than a typical city tour. It’s rejuvenating instead of tiring and hustle-bustle free like you usually see at cities. Get on the ride to see the sea beyond the shore while catching some fishes on the way. Discover more below:

  1. Enjoy Chit-Chatting As You Look For A Big Catch

As the name implies, Dubai fishing tour is all about traveling to the deep sea for fish hunting. Seeing mesmerizing views of the sea on the way is a temptation in itself that goes beyond words. Invite your friends to enjoy this fun inducing activity. While solo adventure has its own charm, collaborating with your friends who are looking for a weekend adventure would be great as well. In between those chit-chat sessions, you will never know when you get surprised by a really big catch.

  1. Come With Family For A Leisure Time Aboard

While you take on the big fishes with fishing rods in your hands, your children can have fun on the deck. They can play in the children zone which is usually designed keeping safety and kids comfort in mind. Let them enjoy the time on the yacht while you put your energy on hunting a big game fish. Most of the yacht charters are designed in a way that they take a good care of your entire family. Finding such a great deal won’t be a tough job provided there are a plenty of yachts out there.

  1. Cook A Sumptuous Meal To Enjoy With Your Friends

Want to please your friends this weekend? Take them out on a deep fishing tour to the amazing gulf coast. Keep them engaged with the interesting stories of your life. Do your best to catch a really big fish that can tempt them all after quick grilling at the deck. Don’t worry; the yacht crew will help you with everything that you might need for cooking that lip-smacking morning meal.


The time with your friends aboard on the yacht creates memories. Forget worries about your office and be social while you take your friends on Dubai Fishing Tour. Dubai invites everyone on a fishing trip that gives you the opportunity to open your heart and get mingled with friends. Being social has its own charm and fishing adventures are a great way to invite your friends onboard and spend a quality time together.

Xclusive Fishing is a 5-star yacht charter perfect for Fishing Trip Dubai with your friends and family. We have experienced crew that listens to clients and lend every help they may need on-board. Step on our luxury yacht to get glimpses of rare marine life that exists in the deep sea. Contact us today!

Reasons to Host Corporate Trainees Welcome Party on Yacht

Want to train a fresh batch of trainees that you have just hired from a graduate school? The next thing you might be looking for is perfect training session rooms hire Dubai. Those newbie’s expect a lot from you, give their career a fascinated start by throwing a welcome party on the yacht. On the sidelines of the party, you could also let them become familiar with the company’s culture by offering quick training lessons at the corporate rooms provided on the yacht.

Those cute newbie faces will love your style of welcoming them on-board.  Check out a few good reasons for organizing your welcome party on the yacht.

  1. Helps You Give Them A Great Career Start

Do you want to increase productivity at the workplace? If yes, then why not go for something extraordinary that truly evokes the sense of responsibility in those fresh graduates? The best way to achieve this is by throwing a grand welcome party on the yacht. Let them enjoy the seaside scenic beauty before you take them out for training sessions. Go for training session room hire Dubai that will help you host this event at its best. Of course, you will create first Impressions while giving them the helpful tips to pave a way for their bright career ahead. You will have their attention.

  1. Evokes A Great Feeling of Being Valued At Workplace

Always believe in shooting two targets with one arrow? Well, that’s what a smart employer could do. Then don’t hesitate to choose yachts as your host for fresher’s welcome party. See, you need to arrange this event anyway but if you choose yachts, your employee will feel more inspired. On a positive note, such seaside events leave a great feeling of being valued among new employees. It encourages them to sincerely put their efforts that work in your favor. Isn’t that beneficial?

  1. Actively Boost Your PR Efforts

It’s not just the about tempting faces of employees but also their active contribution in making company a huge success. A happy employee for whom you have just hosted a yacht party acts like a PR person in spreading a buzz about your company in the social media. Fortunately, these efforts coincide with your marketing goals. You won’t mind having someone giving your marketing initiative a synergy effect without even asking. Isn’t that great and far better ROI oriented option to choose than hotels? Does it make sense now to host a welcome party on the yacht for your fresh employees?


From here, you might have got a snapshot of benefits associated with Meeting Room Hire Dubai on a yacht. There is no match to the countless benefits of organizing a fresher’s party on the yacht that hotels could no way match. While your competitors might be busy scheduling corporate events in an old-fashioned way, why not make them feel a little jealous of your grand celebrations on a yacht? Go ahead!

Welcome to Xclusive Mice, a modern yacht that redefines luxury yacht hosting for corporate events. We offer you premium Training Session Room Hire Dubai that needs no introduction for our premium yacht charter services. We have received multiple awards for meeting beyond customer expectations out of the events they host on our yacht. Call us to get our yacht reserved for your event.

Led Tree Hire

These are the best trees which you can hire to enhance the beauty of any occasion.

We have following three types of led tree which available for hire:-

The following are the types of cherry led trees:-


These mini trees are best for professional ceremonies, weddings and important dinner parties. These are wonderfully designed with the branches which can bend. The height is 55 cm by 60 cm in diameter. 3 x AA batteries are required to light the trees which start to diminish after continuous lightning of 6-8 hours of; these batteries are inclusive in the rent.


This tree is best for putting it indoor or outdoor with the appropriate table placements. This tree is lit with a 13 amp plug.


1.5m trees are marvelous in a designed pot; these are wonderful wishing trees and should be used for booking table for guests. These can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor which are powered through 13 amp plug. The light can be adjusted according to your wish. The height of these trees is 1.5 m and the diameter is 1.2m.


These are appropriate for placing in the roof and decorating the entrance. These can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor which are powered through 13 amp plug. The light can be adjusted according to your wish. The height of these trees is 2 m and the diameter is 1.7m.

LED Maple trees:-

These trees look beautiful with wonderful lights. There are three colors of leaves in which these maple trees are available, for example green, autumnal and white. There can be more color options which are also available. These trees look stunning with sober and modest lights which will for sure give a spectacular view to your occasion.

The following are the sizes and types of maple led trees which are readily available for hire:-

  1. Mini Led Maple Trees:-These colored led wonderful trees are available of height 85 cm and diameter of 80 cm. You can opt for the smallest branch of 45 cm height. 3 x AA batteries are required to light the trees which start to diminish after continuous lightning of 6-8 hours of; these batteries are inclusive in the rent.
  2. 2.1.5M Led Maple Tree-These trees are available in white, green, black and many other colors also available. These can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor which are powered through 13 amp plug.
  3. 2 M Led maple Tree-These are best suited for weddings and garden parties. These trees are readily available in autumunal, white, green and etc. These can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor which are powered through 13 amp plug.
  4. Lolipop Led Maple Tree-These trees available from the height of 1.6 m which can be adjusted in any space. These trees are readily available in autumunal, white, green and etc colors. These can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor which are powered through 13 amp plug. Height of these trees is 3 m and diameter is 1.7m.

Event Tree Hire London offers wide range of Event Trees like Cherry Blossom Tree, Autumn Tree, Palm Tree, Winter Tree, Led Tree, Maple Tree, Wisteria Tree available to hire in different styles and heights.