Experience The Best Glory in Form of Formula 1 Racing Through Yachts

Indulge Yourself with Monaco F1 Yacht Package today

Ever witnessed the game of racing through harbours or ports? Don’t want to miss the fun of becoming the part of this exciting venture? You don’t need to worry as the organisers of Monaco F1 racing event plan all for you so you can indulge yourself in Yacht package and be the part of this unique experience to witness racing event through yachts around the harbours near the organised event and its arena indeed.

Arrangements for Yacht bookings

What comes first as the concept for witnessing Racing from yacht is management of arrangements or yacht bookings though. However, in today’s online generation, People do book online tickets, but the arrangements to greet welcome and settle down with boat tenders and yacht management is not an easy task for the organisers of Monaco Grand Prix tournament. They do organise small authorities to look after the balance between ports and harbour that means they are aware to organise proper sentiment and that also suggests their efforts to make Yacht experience one of the best for their spectators.

Hospitality Packages

The other fact is managing hospitality packages for the people who are flooding to witness this highly exciting prospect of enjoying the Racing event from Yachts indeed. The organisers have to witness an actual place in form of apartments, hotels or living room settlement for public to interest, which is not an easy task to perform. They have to keep asking regular luggage check, travel processes and proper arrangements so the prestige of the monaco yacht hospitality won’t go down. In this way, once the process of Hospitality packages comes into action, the Yacht fun becomes more thrilling for those who come to enjoy the same indeed.

Communication and Security

The other factor the organisers have to manage is the actual communication and security for the spectators of Formula 1 racing through yacht proceedings. It becomes a tough task in case of under water settlements near harbours or ports, but the organisers manage same with professional skill through satellites and further devices to create actual environment of communication between people with proper arrangements of security for them also.

Be the part of Monaco Yacht Package Today

In this way, you would not only feel refresh by this package, But you would have an experience never to be forgotten. You can try various sorts of fun movements with pleasure of hospitality provided by the organisers for you in this Yacht package and what is most crucial is that you would get opportunity to witness Grand Prix Formula Racing through Yacht which would become once in a lifetime experience for you. It’s something which you can’t miss and your presence in this package can excite not only you, but you can also help yourselves by meeting new people and having great time with them.  So don’t be shy & try the Monaco F1 Yacht package today to become the part of it before you miss the chance to enjoy the fun.


Fishing in Dubai – A Wonderful and Serene Experience

Fishing in Dubai is all about fun, exotic place and a really amazing thing to do with your friends and family. If one needs to go out on a holiday with friends or family, they must and must visit Dubai for it’s an exciting and thrilling and adventurous water sport which we call – Fishing in Dubai.

It’s all about having fun under the sun! This business started in 2010 out of passion for Dubai Fishing Trip and what it brought along ; that sense of freedom being in the open sea, that fresh ocean breeze that brings a smile to your face, and that feeling of being on a vacation from your mind is the reason why we are still operational after all these years!

Fishing on a yatch –

Fishing on a boat or a yatch is a totally different and an altogether awesome experience. A fishing yatch can accommodate upto a maximum capacity 8-16 people. It is a 6 hours session. This is an all new package with a classic twist. Cruise through the prestigious Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab on our 35ft luxury fishing boat. Have fun fishing in the ambiance of good music and enjoy the breath taking views that Dubai has to offer. During the boat trip there will be refreshments (water, juices, soft drinks), as well as assorted snacks.

After the fishing you will be transferred to a 48-75ft Yacht where you will have a BBQ and your catch cooked for you on the yacht. The Yacht will be in the lagoon where you can have your meal overlooking that awesome marina skyline view.

BBQ will include burgers, lambchops, chicken, salads, fish (your catch), vegetarian menu is also available upon request.

Trolling and Regular Fishing –

It is a 5 hours, trolling and regular fishing. 8 people max capacity. This package consists of a mix of trolling and regular fishing.

Trolling is a method of fishing where lures are dropped at the back of the boat with the boat constantly moving at a slow speed, this method is used to catch medium to big pelagic fish in Dubai waters i.e. Barracuda, King Barracudas, Grouper, Kingfish, Cobia, Queenfish, & Trivially.

The regular fishing portion of the trip is with light tackle and everyone gets a rod, we are catching small to medium size fish in this portion of the session. Some of the fish you can expect to catch on the regular fishing portion of the trip are Emperor, Trivially, Catfish, Small Barracuda, Grouper, Sea Bream, Small Sharks (only during summer).

Regular Fishing –

It is a 4 hours Regular Fishing and can accommodate 8 people at the max. This is our most basic package for Fishing in Dubai, recommended for children or a nice relaxed day out on the waters with some light tackle fishing. Some of the fish you can expect to catch on this session; Emperor, Trivially, Catfish, Small Barracuda, Grouper, Sea Bream, Small Sharks (only during summer). Site-seeing routes also optional for this package.

Speed Boat Dubai – Fantastic Voyage To Dubai’ Scenic Views!

Have you ever visited Dubai’s crystal clear sea on speed boat Dubai? It’s really a mesmerizing experience visiting this dreamland on a RIB boat. There’s a lot to explore on this amazing ride, from man-made Marinas to glittering skyline. Take your partner on an amazing journey to cherish those special moments. The ride on a boat will give you a close-up and natural scenic views of this lovely tourist spot like you have ever imagined.

Perfect Treat For Any Occasion!

Boat trip in Dubai is always an unbelievable experience that will delight you from within. These boats are tested for quality and speed, so there is nothing to be worried about the safety of you and your folks onboard. Embark on a journey to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the place as the boat shifts its gears to the Dubai coastline. Whether you are here to treat your kids for a birthday present or for some other reason, the cool winds blowing in the Dubai’s shore will create a perfect setting to celebrate the occasion.

Explore Scenic Beauty Beyond Dubai Shores!

The crew onboard would always be there to help you get familiar with places that come in your way as you move to final destination. These professionals are skilled in giving almost any assistance that you may need aboard. Of course, you will be provided with life vest to make you feel more secure. The ambience at every tourist spot, whether it is Burj AI Arab or Dubai Marina, will revive you with the blissful experience. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your pals thrilled with joy, enjoying every moment of soothing air blowing their hairs. Probably, you will come back again for experiencing Sightseeing Tour Dubai in a near future.

Embark On A Lifetime Journey With Speed Boat Dubai!

If you are thinking of spending the lifetime moments on a boat trip where you will get a chance to see this Arab beauty, then give wings to your dreams by reserving for boat tours in Dubai in advance. It is because the Dubai Marina Yacht is always full of tourists and the options to choose your preferred dates get narrowed, especially in the peak season. Booking ahead of the peak season will ensure that you will get things as per your desires.

It is not only a great voyage but a captivating moment as you say hi to every tourist attraction you pass by. The cool wind blowing on the sea would make you fall in love with nature and would ignite your passion for exploring more Dubai attractions. The English speaking guide on-board will answer any queries that you may have about the top spots you visit. Energize your soul with those fabulous moments when you get to see breathtaking views of Skyline. Dubai sightseeing on a boat ride will add one more chapter to your travel stories that you will love to share with your friends.


Experience Dubai’s coastline closely from your eyes. The enchanting experience of Dubai will leave you mesmerized, the moment you step onto the Speed Boat Dubai. Get familiar with the tourist attractions located on the brinks of the sea. To add more excitement to your boat trip, ensure that you hire a guided sightseeing boat tours in Dubai with a good amount of positive reviews.

At Xclusive Tours, we have a large fleet of RIB boats available for you to cruise you around the Dubai coastline. The level of exemplary service that we offer in our speed boat Dubai service is second to none. Get onboard with us for a soothing sailing experience in Dubai. Contact us today.

Dubai Dinner Cruise – A Luxurious Retreat That You Will Never Forget!

Cruising is a great experience that can refresh you from within. Similarly, Dubai dinner cruise will set you on an enchanting trip to Dubai to relieve you from the daily tension and stress. Delve into the mesmerizing beauty of this Emirates city to encounter the glittering skyscrapers of Dubai that will leave you astonished. It’s not less than bliss, travelling to beautiful tourist spots one craves to go.

Experience Dhow Cruise Dinner In A Lovely Setting!

The lovely dhow cruise experience in Dubai gets doubled when you come across fascinating lights and decorations on the way. Seeing such a tempting side of Dubai, one can’t stop himself falling in love with this beautiful place. Count yourself as lucky because you will see one of the best man-made marinas on this planet. The place is rushed with distinctive top cafes and exemplary architectural structures. This amazing tourist destination hosts one of the tallest structures on this earth and if you want to touch those heights, then Dubai dhow cruise could be your best bet.

Cruising on a dhow is becoming more and more popular these days. Tourists see Dubai Dinner Cruise as an exciting and adventurous opportunity to discover Dubai from the deck. Every year, the Dubai’s coastline is bustling with the tourists from around the world who have come here after hearing interesting stories about Dubai’s beauty. Getting onboard on a cruise is a great way to discover the true essence of the city that will leave you mesmerized.

Feed Your Taste Buds With Lavish Dinner Onboard!

Enjoy sumptuous delicacies onboard with live dance performances that will make your day. Throw that stress out of your life with authentic veg and non-veg food and liberal refreshments as you watch Palm Jumeriah. The wide assortment of delicacies would surely make you delight. Experiencing authentic food onboard together with the scenic beauty of Dubai is a heavenly blend that will take your enjoyment to the next level. It’s a perfect setting for couples who have just tied their lifetime knot and are here to spend a memorable time on their best voyage ever.

You will love the way the food gets served on the dhow cruise. In a round table sitting, the hot and lip-smacking delicacies on your table will thrill your senses as well as heart. You have hardly seen such a 5 star cruising experience with so many amenities that will make you feel wow. When it comes to beverages, you can order for almost anything on the menu, such as juices, tea, coffee, soft-drinks and much more.


Experiencing the Emirates beauty on Dubai Cruise Dinner is a lifetime experience that you will never want to miss. With five star amenities on the dhow, everything that is served or offered gives an essence of royal touch. Tempt your taste buds with the lavish food and beverages as you watch Dubai from the deck. Get your ticket reserved from a 5 star cruise to make it a lifetime trip.

Wondering where to find Dubai dinner cruise that could offer you a lifetime voyage in Dubai with five star amenities onboard? Ask a 5 star cruise of Dubai – Xclusive Cruise. We offer an international buffet with a live pasta station on dhow cruise dinner to make your evening unforgettable. Talk to us to get a modern glass houseboat with all facilities.

A Fun Day in Dubai – Fishing Trips

Dubai is considered the business hub of the Middle East, but it’s also becoming a famous destination for tourists. In the last 15 years, Dubai transformed from a desert city to the city of the future. In Dubai you can find the tallest skyscraper in the world (Burj Khalifa) and the biggest mall as well. Dubai is famous for its beautiful buildings, but it also has a great sea front. Tourists and locals can enjoy the warm weather and the sun all year-round. If you are a fishing enthusiast then you should try fishing in Dubai.

Weather control

The weather is warm year-round. During summer (June-Aug) the weather gets very warm (reaches 45oC). The weather in December, January and February is cool and nice (temp between 20-12C). The months between September and May are all great to have wonderful and jaw dropping Fishing Trip Dubai.

How to go for a fishing trip in Dubai?

There are plenty of fishing charters in Dubai for fishing trips; however it’s not easy to find them. Usually tourists ask their hotel reception to help with recommending some boats, but that doesn’t mean that they are getting the best deal. On the other hand, locals will do an online search, but the information they find is often not sufficient and prices are usually hidden or vague.

With exclusive fishing one will find a variety of boats and you can easily compare the offers and prices of each and every boat we have listed. We provide you with all of the information you are looking for with an easy online booking solution. All of the boats listed are our trusted partners and cleared several quality assurance tests to ensure their service capability. Our prices are listed directly from the Boat Owners, and we never charge extra fees to our customers.

What fishes to keep fishing trips for?

The Kingfish (usually also known as King Mackerel) has all of the characteristics of a true sport fish, it’s fast, strong, and big with razor-sharp teeth. This strong fighter can grow up to 2m and 70kg, and  prefers to live in warm waters with a temperature ranging between 20C to 29C.

·         When to fish for Kingfish in Dubai

All year-round

·         Where to fish for Kingfish in Dubai?

Kingfish can be found in depths between 12-45m, usually swimming over reefs and rocks that are not so far from the shore.

·         How to fish for Kingfish in Dubai?

Trolling is the best way to catch a Kingfish with various kinds of baits (live bait, dead bait, spoons, jigs or artificial lures).

Tips for a great experience for fishing –
– Listen to the captain and crew
– If fishing with live fish for bait, change your bait often
– Maintain the right attitude.  Not every time out is going to result in catching the fish of a lifetime.  Even experienced anglers get skunked.  Enjoy your time on the water.

A Perfect Dubai Cruise

Dubai is an extremely well known occasion goal of the world. Individuals from around the globe come to visit this place for spending their occasions. There are a ton of spots to visit in Dubai when on sightseeing boat Dubai and bunches of things to appreciate. You will be astonished to see the cutting edge engineer of the city. It is renowned for its skyscraper and flawlessly outlined structures. The tallest working of the world is additionally in Dubai. That is the Burj Al Arab inn of Dubai. This lodging is additionally the most lavish inn of the world.

You will likewise discover a palm island in Dubai. Heaps of cash has been spent to make this island. At that point there is a well-known Wadi water stop in the city. A portion of the rides in this water stop are stunning. Not just this you can likewise appreciate touring in hot air expand or in a helicopter. Furthermore, always remember to take an abandon safari in Dubai. It will give you the vibe of Arabian evenings. The excursion to Dubai is inadequate without the betray safari. There are loads of techniques to investigate Dubai.

One of the strategies to investigate the excellence of Dubai is a voyage to Dubai. Dubai voyage visit is essentially reviving and in addition unwinding. You will have a superb feeling riding in any of such visit. Simply envision that the water is lapping against your pontoon, you have possession of an aroma similar to ocean filled in your lungs, cool winds are unsettling in your hairs and your fingers are trailing in the cool water of the ocean. What an impeccable thought to have a ton of fun amid occasions! You will appreciate this in your dhow voyage of Dubai. You can appreciate this after you are finished with your touring and shopping in the city or you can appreciate this in the middle of just to unwind amid your occasions.

In the event that you need to investigate the excellence of Dubai in your Dubai journey thrugh sightseeing boat Dubai then you ought to ensure that you are running with a decent Dubai pontoon visit organization. A decent pontoon visit organization will demonstrate to you the attractions of Dubai in your Dubai voyage. You ought to ensure that the Dhow in which you are voyaging is of good quality.

There are numerous attractions that you can appreciate in your Dubai Dhow voyage. For example you can watch the tribal place of Sheik Sayeed. This is an old building and was worked over a century prior. It has been worked with customary Arabian ideas. Its structure resembles that of a stronghold and has four towers on four corners and is arranged on the grounds of the Al Ain historical center. A portion of the Dhow travels permit the travelers to have rest at this place and watch the exhibition hall. There is part more things that you can appreciate in your Dhow journey and you ought to inform the pontoon organization concerning your desires from the voyage.

Dinner Cruise Dubai – Cruise Through Sea To Reveal Dubai’s Beauty!

Do you always dream of going on a scintillating dinner cruise Dubai? Well, this is the right time to set your feet on a voyage to experience the dazzling skyline of Dubai. Every year, tourists come to visit this amazing place on a dhow cruise to experience those special moments. Whether arranged for yourself or for your guests, the fabulous arrangements of dinner in the sparkling upper deck of the cruise will leave you stunned with its beauty. It’s not just the glittering views, but the lip-smacking delicacies that will make you the fan of Dubai sightseeing on a dhow.

  1. The Joy of Traveling Begins From Dubai Marina!

You will be notified about the scheduled time of boarding at Dubai Marina Yacht Club. Once the details have been provided to you, there is no looking back. It’s important that you adhere to the timelines provided by your dhow cruise because no excuse is entertained. You may choose anything between riding on Sunset Cruise and Dinner Cruise – or anything that fascinates you more. The tariffs are usually same for both the cruises, so it’s up to you which one you choose.

  1. Spend Blissful Time On Upper Deck!

While on-board with dinner cruise Dubai, having sumptuous buffet, you will spend time seeing the fabulous side of Dubai. That blissful time, you will never forget which you have spent enjoying your favorite pasta on the live pasta stations with your favorite beverage in your hands. Dine in with your partner, seeing the beautiful views of Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. It’s an amazing experience when you view the glittering side of Dubai from an open upper deck.

  1. Delight Yourself With Sumptuous Buffet Onboard!

Are you a food lover who always has space in the tummy to accommodate delicacies? If yes, the dinner cruise in Dubai will tempt your stomach, giving your taste buds the flavor they have been craving for. From appetizers to smoked salmon, grilled chicken to live pasta stations, you will have a plenty of time to satisfy your cravings. Guess what would be in your main course? Get delighted with a huge assortment of international delicacies such as green Thai chicken curry, Bamya bel lahmeh, just naming a few.


While on-board with Dubai Cruise Dinner, you will come across mesmerizing views of amazing Dubai’s coastline. What could be better than seeing such a glittering side of this Emirates beauty while having your favorite delicacies on your Dubai dhow dinner trip? It’s a place where you experience the best of skylines that makes the cruising experience heavenly. Ensure that you select only 5 star Dubai cruise to double the excitement of trip and get the best of amenities on-board. Every year, many newly married couples come to see this heavenly place, be the next by reserving your tickets to five start cruise in Dubai today.

We are Xclusive Cruise, your partner to a luxurious cruising experience in Dubai. We are the only 5 star dinner cruise Dubai that’s committed to providing you the mesmerizing views of Dubai with authentic food onboard. Be with us on a romantic trip that will get locked in your memories forever. Contact us today!