Reasons to Host Corporate Trainees Welcome Party on Yacht

Want to train a fresh batch of trainees that you have just hired from a graduate school? The next thing you might be looking for is perfect training session rooms hire Dubai. Those newbie’s expect a lot from you, give their career a fascinated start by throwing a welcome party on the yacht. On the sidelines of the party, you could also let them become familiar with the company’s culture by offering quick training lessons at the corporate rooms provided on the yacht.

Those cute newbie faces will love your style of welcoming them on-board.  Check out a few good reasons for organizing your welcome party on the yacht.

  1. Helps You Give Them A Great Career Start

Do you want to increase productivity at the workplace? If yes, then why not go for something extraordinary that truly evokes the sense of responsibility in those fresh graduates? The best way to achieve this is by throwing a grand welcome party on the yacht. Let them enjoy the seaside scenic beauty before you take them out for training sessions. Go for training session room hire Dubai that will help you host this event at its best. Of course, you will create first Impressions while giving them the helpful tips to pave a way for their bright career ahead. You will have their attention.

  1. Evokes A Great Feeling of Being Valued At Workplace

Always believe in shooting two targets with one arrow? Well, that’s what a smart employer could do. Then don’t hesitate to choose yachts as your host for fresher’s welcome party. See, you need to arrange this event anyway but if you choose yachts, your employee will feel more inspired. On a positive note, such seaside events leave a great feeling of being valued among new employees. It encourages them to sincerely put their efforts that work in your favor. Isn’t that beneficial?

  1. Actively Boost Your PR Efforts

It’s not just the about tempting faces of employees but also their active contribution in making company a huge success. A happy employee for whom you have just hosted a yacht party acts like a PR person in spreading a buzz about your company in the social media. Fortunately, these efforts coincide with your marketing goals. You won’t mind having someone giving your marketing initiative a synergy effect without even asking. Isn’t that great and far better ROI oriented option to choose than hotels? Does it make sense now to host a welcome party on the yacht for your fresh employees?


From here, you might have got a snapshot of benefits associated with Meeting Room Hire Dubai on a yacht. There is no match to the countless benefits of organizing a fresher’s party on the yacht that hotels could no way match. While your competitors might be busy scheduling corporate events in an old-fashioned way, why not make them feel a little jealous of your grand celebrations on a yacht? Go ahead!

Welcome to Xclusive Mice, a modern yacht that redefines luxury yacht hosting for corporate events. We offer you premium Training Session Room Hire Dubai that needs no introduction for our premium yacht charter services. We have received multiple awards for meeting beyond customer expectations out of the events they host on our yacht. Call us to get our yacht reserved for your event.


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