Ultimate Experience of Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina That You Will Never Forget!

Are you planning out for dinner cruise Dubai Marina? If yes, you are about to experience a top tourist destination in the world that has got architectural masterpieces, opulent villas and luxurious hotels to put on the display. Visiting these marvellous attractions of Dubai on a dhow cruise dinner is something that will blow your mind. You will immerse yourself into an enchanting experience that doubles its charm when experienced from a dhow.

Are you an avid traveller who has got fascinated with the attractions that Dubai offers? Don’t resist yourself to make your mark to this blessed city of the emirates. Before you move ahead, check out what you could expect on a Dubai Dhow Cruise. Here we go!

What Would You Experience On Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina?

  1. Dubai Sightseeing At Its Best That’s Coupled With Delicacies!

While cruising in a dhow around the coastline of Dubai might be new to you, but this travelling option has been around for many years. No matter if you have just discovered it, you can still have that blissful experience of enjoying a fantastic dinner in a traditional style dhow made up of wood. Wondering if your favourite delicacies would be there onboard? You will get swept off your feet the moment you see world-class cuisine right on your table. What could be better than having your favourite food while you enjoy the mesmerizing views of Dubai Marina? Love it? Your senses will, for sure!

  1. Beautiful Skyline That Will Blow Your Mind!

The double decked dhows will double the charm of cruising. Seeing the glittering views of Dubai is the one of the unique feelings that can’t be described in words. Deep dive into the mesmerizing feeling of seeing skyscrapers and the lovely skyline that blend together to create a romantic backdrop. It’s just not the end, in fact the beginning because Dubai has a gamut of architectural masterpieces to see that will leave you surprised. Interestingly, the elegant dhows have multiple stopovers to let quench your thirst for Dubai sightseeing. So, you will never miss even a single stop go untouched and captured into your memories.

  1. The Fine Dining Experience!

Imagine experiencing Dubai’s coastline, enjoying every bite of authentic delicacies, brought to your table from around the world. You will have the liberty to choose the table of your preference while reserving your tickets. Many cruise operators offer a floor plan and you can choose your preferred floor on the first come, first serve basis. Make the most out of this opportunity of Dubai sightseeing while chit-chatting with your friends in round table sitting on the deck and capturing every tourist attraction that comes in your way.


From here, you can conclude that dinner cruise Dubai Marina is an extraordinary sightseeing experience that will make you fall in love with its romantic coastline. Thousands of tourists like you visit this modern city that has everything to offer, but experiencing it on a dhow makes the experience stand out.

Want to see the mesmerising views on Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina? Let Xclusive Cruise help you reveal the beauty of Dubai from a 5 star deck that’s equipped with international buffet which will make you lick your fingers as you watch the lovely coastline of Dubai. Contact us today to make your trip more enjoyable.


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