Fishing Charters – Dubai

A private Fishing Charter does not have to be very expensive but still it costs dollars to afford one. Dubai has been a private hub for largest marine activities since last two decades in the Middle Eastern countries. Chartering a sport fishing boat with a captain and crew is a dream for many anglers, but all too often the cost of the trip is too expensive for just one angler. Now there is an affordable solution, a new way to fish.

What does a Fishing Charter mean?

The term charter fishing means; “fishing from a vessel carrying a passenger or passengers for hire that are engaged in recreational fishing” Charter that can be leased or hired for exclusive or private use: a charter boat for deep-sea fishing.

Why Us at Xclusive Fishing –

Welcome to the first and only place to book individual spots on deep sea fishing charter at your favorite saltwater fishing spots worldwide. With pay-per-spot pricing, you now have the option to book only the number of spots you need, not the entire boat. There’s no longer any need to worry about haggling at the dock, not knowing which boat you will be fishing on, or risking no availability.

We are the luxury yacht specialist in the Middle East. We have been helping to create unforgettable yacht vacations.

We are the No. 1 cruise organizer and yacht rental in Dubai, and we have a lot of reasons to claim this unparalleled reputation. Since 2008, we have been throwing a barrage of parties on our cruise trips and our guests can’t seem to get enough of the fun party vibe on our luxury yachts.

Dedicated to cruises and yacht rentals, we have a line of modern sea vessels that are capable of taking as many as 50 people onboard. We also offer complimentary fishing and snorkeling gears as well as top-of-the-line audio-visual entertainment facilities for your ultimate party needs. All yachts and catamaran are fully insured and certified as seaworthy by local authorities.

We work hard to provide best services.

A beautiful ocean right at your feet and there is no end to it – that is what the oceanic Dubai has got to offer. But what you can take apart from the sea blue panorama is the ways and means of enjoying them. Sea is not just about being on the beach and seeing the sun set in the horizon. If you want to enjoy the sea, enjoy to the fullest!

We at Xclusive Fishing give you some of the finest and best services when you are talking about discovering the deepest secrets of ocean. deep sea fishing, cruising and a relaxing time on board are some of the activities you definitely don’t want to miss while being in one of the most famous and glamorous cities of the world.

Our Approaches

Xclusive Fishing have highly experienced and friendly office staff and crew who are more than happy to take care of all the requirements of any celebrations as well as regular party features like food, decorations, games, and silver service. We love to know that you had a great time with us, and will keep coming back for your other celebrations.


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