Spend Unforgettable Evening On Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina!

Are you about to step in Dubai? Make the most out of vacations by exploring the scenic views of this city on a dhow cruise Dubai Marina. This travelling hotspot will fuel up your imagination and will make you acquainted with its architectural excellence that you have read in books only. Indulge yourself into the Arab culture to experience what is still a mystery for you. Discover more what this exciting voyage has got for you:

  1. Explore The Glittering Side of Palm Jumeirah!

This city is blessed with everything, from the beautiful coastline to skylines, which makes it a popular destination. It’s known for its authentic Arabian cuisine that you will enjoy while cruising across Dubai coastline on a dhow cruise. For a travel alcoholic, nothing could be better than having his favorite delicacies while cruising around the Palm Jumeirah. Experience different culture, lip-smacking food, glittering views of skylines and much more while sitting on a dhow. Indeed, it’s a lifetime experience to get on-board and see Dubai from a different perspective.

  1. View Super-Rich Living From Dhow!

Sailing on dhow cruise Dubai Marina brings you closer to captivating views of the city that’s an emblem of luxury and super-rich living. When mingled with the delicious Arabian culture and food, a traveler’s dream comes true. To experience this exciting cruising adventure while sailing through Dubai Marina, many tourists book the dhow tickets in advance. Some of them visit here just to have the unique dhow sailing experience every year.

  1. Enjoy Extravagant Platter On A 5-Star Dhow!

What could be more thrilling than enjoying extravagant and delicious international buffet with live music on a dhow? The charm of enjoying extravagant platter gets doubled when you experience it on a five star dhow. As you put your first foot on the dhow, you will be greeted with welcome drinks. Get a chance to enjoy delights from all over the world, from appetizers to desserts, while dancing on to the tunes of Arabian themed songs.

  1. Explore Beyond Magnificent Skyline!

This lively city that sits on the Persian Gulf has a magnificent skyline that attracts every traveler. On your way, you will discover some of the masterpieces of modern-day architecture that add more stars to its name. A red carpet welcome on a 5-star cruise will create that magical effect on the cruise that will make you like this place from deep within. Get spoiled with its mystical ambiance as you board a cruise to see Dubai’s beautiful side.


The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is an extraordinary voyage to see Dubai’s panoramic views. Nothing beats the charm of experiencing the glittering views on the upper deck of the cruise. To please guests, these cruises arrange for live musical events onboard. Immerse yourself into a romantic experience with your life partner as you dance onto the tunes of traditional Arabic songs. Bet, if someone could imagine a heavenly place better than this, which reveals its beauty as the lights from the well-decorated buildings reflect on the water.

Searching for a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina that’s easy on budget and offers you luxurious experience onboard? Xclusive Cruise is here to help you experience Dubai in the most fascinated way. Enjoy sumptuous food onboard as you travel with a cruise star that has earned a huge reputation in the industry. Ask us for dhow cruise reservations today!


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