Best Fishing charter Dubai – Everywhere Fishing

A private Fishing Charter does not have to be very expensive but still it costs dollars to afford one. Dubai has been a private hub for largest marine activities since last two decades in the Middle Eastern countries. Chartering a sport fishing boat with a captain and crew is a dream for many anglers, but all too often the cost of the trip is too expensive for just one angler. Now there is an affordable solution, a new way to fish.

What does a Fishing Charter mean?

The term charter fishing means; “fishing from a vessel carrying a passenger or passengers for hire that are engaged in recreational fishing” Charter that can be leased or hired for exclusive or private use: a charter boat for deep sea fishing.

Why Us at Xclusive Fishing –

Welcome to the first and only place to book individual spots on deep sea fishing charters at your favorite saltwater fishing spots worldwide. With pay-per-spot pricing, you now have the option to book only the number of spots you need, not the entire boat. There’s no longer any need to worry about haggling at the dock, not knowing which boat you will be fishing on, or risking no availability.

What to expect –

If you’ve never been out “deep sea fishing” before, your only reference point may be popular TV shows like Deadliest Catch or Shark Men. For those of us that are “regulars” on the boats, part of the allure of going fishing in the ocean vs. freshwater fishing is you never know what might come up at the end of the line. From fun company outings with full galley service to serious hardcore light load boats, our captains and crew will do their best to ensure your day on the water is an epic one to remember. Our experienced skippers have the ability to fish coastal in Malibu, local islands like Anacapa and Santa Cruz or venture to the outer islands like Santa Rosa Island, San Miguel Island, Santa Barbara Island and San Nicolas Island. Daily runs include 1/2 day fishing trips, 3/4 day fishing trips, full day dubai fishing tour. We also have outstanding overnight and multiday fishing boats with full galleys and bunks.

Top Tips:

– Listen to the captain and crew

– If fishing with live fish for bait, change your bait often

-Maintain the right attitude. Not every time out is going to result in catching the fish of a lifetime. Even experienced anglers get skunked. Enjoy your time on the water.

– If you have a good time, tip your crew appropriately. If you tip someone pouring you a cup of coffee, why wouldn’t you tip someone who helped you enjoy a day on the ocean?


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