Read This Before You Head To Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise!

Looking out for having a time of your life in Dubai? Spend a 90-minute sightseeing on Dubai Marina dhow cruise and immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience on a dhow cruise. Thinking if this cruise ride is your cup of tea? Well, it is, especially when you are here to ignite the love sparks on your honeymoon. The spectacular views of Dubai’s skyline with a 5-star dinner on dhow will make your partner impressed from you. In fact, this is a great way to kick-start your marriage bond and will make your life knot even stronger.

If it is the first time you are considering Dubai sightseeing on a dhow cruise, then you have landed at the right place. This article will let you know what a dhow cruise entails:

What is a Dhow?

You might be feeling befuddled hearing the word, Dubai Marina dhow cruise, over and again. Obviously, if you don’t know what it is all about, then you might be interested to dig deep into dhow and the charm of sailing it offers. Basically, it is a traditional wooden vessel which was being used for carrying out trades with neighboring countries in ancient times. However, nowadays, the designs of dhows have gone revolutionary changes and they are being used for tourism purposes. You will even come across 5-star dhows that offer a luxurious experience.

Discover More About the Dubai Marina!

Do you know where is world’s largest human made Marina? Of course, it is Dubai Marina that’s settled on the Persian Gulf and is proud to be the no. 1 artificial canal city in the globe. The Dubai marina is always a bustling place, packed with tourists who come from around the world to visit this wonderful city. You will get a chance to onboard the cruise on such a place that is surrounded by wonderfully architected skyscrapers. In and around here are many bustling places like Dubai Marina Mall, 5 star hotels and more. Love seeing skyscrapers, you will have the opportunity to see a plenty of them.

How to Book Tickets For Dhow Cruise Marina?

To book a dhow cruise is a matter of minutes that can be conveniently done online. Google for your queries such as Dhow Cruise Dubai or dinner cruise Dubai Marina and pick from any of the top results. However, the charm of your Dubai cruise could get doubled if you opt considering a 5-star dhow cruise for sightseeing in Dubai. You will get the best in-class services with unlimited buffet onboard that will make you feel “Wow”.


The world bows to the charm that Dubai offers. Viewing top tourist hotspots on Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise is an extraordinary experience that you might be waiting for years. It’s merely a matter of a few minutes to get a dhow booked for a dinner or sunset cruise. Get to see the beauty of Dubai that glitters in the night. Give a romantic start to your lifetime journey with your partner as you both sit together for a memorable dinner on a dhow. Don’t settle for anything less than a five-star dhow for a pleasant experience onboard.

At Xclusive Cruise, we offer 5-star experience of Dubai Marina dhow cruise. With all five star amenities onboard, we will add more comfort to your Dubai cruising experience. Get aboard and experience Dubai while sitting on the deck, enjoying your favorite delicacy as we have got the best chefs in the crew. Contact us today!


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