Explore the Sea world with Deep Sea Fishing Dubai

Sport and deep water fishing lovers will deservedly appreciate reliability and performance of the fast- moving KEY LARGO 27 and KEY LARGO 30. Cockpits with stern benches have enough space for fish-tackle spacing. A comfortable cabin and tanning areas make you feel relaxed, where you can have a rest after successful fishing.

RIVIERA 47 is a yacht for professional surfcasting. Practical design along with functional yacht furniture is created for your comfortable experience with us. In addition open deck barbecue, the main saloon and spacious rooms guarantee you unforgettable time with us.

Fishing in Dubai

The lukewarm and shallow waters around Dubai act pretty much as a lavish plankton buffet for the vast baitfish schools during the winter months, attracting a colorful variety of game fish straight to the Arabian gulf. Some of these fish you may very well be familiar with already – Cobia, Kingfish, giant Barracuda and a few other trophy fish rally along the city’s coastline practically all year round. Other coveted species, however, are almost endemic to the Emirates, making a fishing trip out of Dubai literally a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many. Feel the thrill of hooking a massive Arabian Grouper (Hammour as it is locally called) – one of Dubai’s most popular restaurant fish, or put out the lures for the likes of Blacktip Trevally, Emperor Bream, or the infamous ‘Sultan Ibrahim’ (Golden Threadfin Bream). Because how many of your friends can say they’ve caught Sultan Ibrahim before?

Known For

Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Aquarium, Burj al-Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Palm Island, Dubai Creek, Indoor ski park, Atlantis Resort & Hotel, The World Islands, tour to Hatta Mountains, Deira Souks (markets), Bastakia Quarter, Dessert Safari tours, Wild Wadi Water Park

Rules & Regulations

Fishing permits are needed for all recreational Fishing in Dubai. Please note that some Dubai Fishing Charters include permits as part of their overall fishing packages. For more info, please consult the ‘Amenities’ section of any particular charter or ask for a free quote.

Top Tips:

– Listen to the captain and crew

– If fishing with live fish for bait, change your bait often

– Maintain the right attitude.  Not every time out is going to result in catching the fish of a lifetime.  Even experienced anglers get skunked.  Enjoy your time on the water.

– If you have a good time, tip your crew appropriately.  If you tip someone pouring you a cup of coffee, why wouldn’t you tip someone who helped you enjoy a day on the ocean?


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