Check Out What’s Typically Included In Boat Trip Dubai!

When the idea of visiting Dubai comes in a mind, the first thing that strikes is to explore its mesmerizing views on boat trip Dubai. Wondering how a boat tour in Dubai could quench the thirst of a demanding traveler like you? Well, thousands of people visit every year to explore stunning views of Dubai’s cityscape, riding all the way on boats from Dubai Marina to Burj Al Arab. On a peak season, there is always a rush to book the front-rows of the boats to experience breathtaking panoramas.

Sailing on boats with your DSL camera in hands to capture the incredible architecture of Dubai is adventurous and a lifetime experience that you will be proud to welcome in your life. Before you head out to get one, check out what’s included in the package:

  • Sail through the sea, watching the breathtaking views of Dubai’s cityscape.
  • Enjoy stunning beauty of Dubai that can’t be viewed from the road.
  • See the incredible architecture of Dubai playing with the waves and sea water.
  • Boat tours Dubai give you fantastic photo taking opportunities.
  • Experience a thrilling boat ride with many stopovers for your heart temptation.

What Would You Explore On Boat Tour Dubai?

Sail around the Palm Jumeirah island during your boat trip Dubai and get to know the ultimate luxurious living of the super-rich people of Dubai. Bet you, you haven’t seen such a visionary development before, the one you will see while sailing around the curves of Palm. It’s a living example of opulent villas and penthouses that redefines a signature style living for millionaires.

You might have heard about Palm Jumeirah which is another top attraction on the Dubai’s coastline. This island hosts some of the world’s most luxurious villas, resorts and hotels. An architectural excellence that you have never experienced before. Your boat will stop here for some minutes for photo-taking sessions. On the way, you would see fabulous resort – Atlantis that has never failed to grab eyeballs of the tourists visiting the spot. It’s a good time to capture those moments with the camera.

Next comes the Dubai’s Burj AI Arab that will surprise you with its elegant beauty. This luxurious hotel has been crafted in a beautiful way and its shape coincides with a billowing sail. This architectural masterpiece gives breathtaking views and its glittering shine doubles its charm when seen from a boat. Your boats will return from here, back to Dubai Marina, consuming 90-minutes of your time. Your boat trip will be over, but the memories will always be with you for the whole lifetime.


Experiencing the glittering views on Boat Trip Dubai has its own charm. You will definitely love riding through the sea waves for seeing the architectural beauty that’s difficult to express in words. However, make a perfect hire for boat trip company in Dubai as this will decide the fate of your boat touring experience. Invest smartly and get rewarded with goodies of memories that will stay with you for the lifetime.

Wherever there is a talk about quality services for Boat Trip Dubai, our name, Xclusive Tours, flashes at the top. We strongly believe that professional boat trip services could add more enjoyment to your Dubai trip that a traveler like you always craves for. Get onboard with us to experience the glittering side of Dubai. Contact us today!


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