Luxurious Dubai Cruise Dinner – A Trip To Experience Scenic Views!

Tired of hectic business schedules? Of course, go get some break to restore the happiness back in your life. Nothing can beat stress the way Dubai cruise dinner can! Spending some time on the dhow cruise will give your muscles a soothing experience to kick the stress out of life. This trip to Dubai’s coastline will please your eyes as well as your taste buds. On a dhow cruise dinner, you will have all those sumptuous buffets that you expect in a five-star dinner menu.  What could be more tempting than Dubai’s top tourist attractions flashing off your eyes one-by- one on a glittering night. Cherish those moments with your life partner as you sit on a 5-star dubai dhow cruise with world-class amenities and delicacies right on your table.

Enchanting Experience You Won’t Forget!

For a travel enthusiast like you, Dubai cruise dinner offers an incredible and enchanting experience aboard. This is one of the best places in United Arab Emirates, where luxury meets warm hospitality.  Sail with your friends and enjoy a cozy experience of Dubai sightseeing with family and friends. Dhow Dinner cruise entails mind reviving experience with a captivating musical performance of the leading bands onboard. Their charismatic performance with live music will hold your time on the deck.

Delicious Food Makes Dubai Cruise Trip Lovely!

Let’s talk about food that adds icing on the cake when exploring Dubai on a deck. Sit in a round table on the dhow and order your favorite delicacies and finger-licking food. Seeing Dubai while involving in a romantic discussion with your partner and having lip-smacking food onboard will add more sparks to your love-life. Arabic music and entertainment with the live performance will do all the magic that your words have failed to do to impress your lover. Enjoying elite romantic dinner with a perfect ambience on the upper deck of dhow is a great idea for lovebirds to come closer.

Dive Deep Into Dubai’s Beauty!

There are lots of attractions to observe from the deck that makes Dubai sightseeing more scenic. When the city’s tall skyscrapers glare in the night, their reflections on the sea water create a lovely view that can bind any traveler with the charm. You would not be able to resist yourself from the feeling of getting lost in the amazing beauty of the place.


Dubai looks great when experienced on Dubai cruise dinner. It’s a cozy ride filled with luxury and delicious food that a traveler will never want to miss. Cruising through the clear water and mysterious ways of the Persian Gulf has its own magic that makes it an enchanting experience. So, keep the worries aside and set yourself for a five star dinner cruise experience in Dubai.

A luxurious and enchanting Dubai cruise dinner awaits you at Xclusive Cruise. We are Dubai’s only five-star cruise that offers 5-star amenities to make your Dubai sightseeing a truly luxurious experience. Give us a call today to book the cruise of your dreams!


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