Boat Ride Dubai – 90-Minute Guided Boat Trip For Dubai Sightseeing!

If this is the first time you have put your feet in Dubai, then just one mesmerizing boat ride Dubai could work wonders in adding more fun to your Dubai sightseeing tour. Every year, thousands of tourists visit to see the iconic sights of Dubai. What could be more cheering than seeing Dubai’s beauty in a full-bloom from a unique perspective? You will love those magical moments of riding through the waves, seeing the views of skylines that a traveler craves for. Get to see the magnificent Burj Al Arab that thrills every bypassing traveler.

  1. Capture Breathtaking Views On Boat Ride!

Unfold the amazing travel spots of Dubai on the 90 minute guided boat ride Dubai. As you board on the boat, an English speaking guide will be there to receive you with warm greetings and escort you on the ride to Dubai sightseeing. It’s a fantastic way to experience the tourist attractions of this Emirates beauty without getting stuck in the roadside traffic. The moment your speedboat gears up and passes through Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and the iconic Atlantis Hotel, you will be stunned with their beauty and luxury that’s second to none in this world. Enjoy your time capturing the city’s skyline with your camera that you might have brought for the purpose.

  1. Get To See Destinations You Are Fascinated With!

Dubai sightseeing is a standalone experience even for those who have travelled its length and breadth by road and haven’t had the opportunity to explore Dubai’s shoreline via a boat trip. You might find this voyage a bit costlier than the road travel. However, it also gives you access to panoramic views of the Persian Gulf that are priceless and offers you a new perspective of Dubai’s beautiful side. After seeing those living examples of extraordinary residential villas of Palm Jumeirah, you will surely appreciate the glorious transformation of this desert into headline-grabbing buildings.

  1. Bring Home The Lovely Memories of Burj Al Arab!

As you blast through the water and reach the 7-star Burj Al Arab, your boat will stop for a few minutes for photo-taking sessions. It’s a golden opportunity to capture those special moments and mesmerizing views of Dubai into a tiny camera to share them back with your friends at home. Don’t forget to take snapshots of the extravagant waterfront developments and the sky-high buildings touching the heights of sky.


No matter if you have seen Dubai from the roadside, experiencing it on boat ride Dubai has its own charm that goes beyond words. The beauty of this tourist hotspot is such that people love to come here over and again, multiple times in a year. Some tourists come here for celebrating their vacations and some on their honeymoon tour. While the purpose to Sightseeing Tour Dubai could be any, but Dubai always has captivating scenic views to offer that multiplies its charm by many folds when experienced on a boat ride. Don’t settle for less when it’s about visiting Dubai’s coastline on a boat trip, consider a professional guided boat sightseeing to experience Dubai like never before.

If you want to see Dubai’s beauty at its best, then ask for Boat Ride Dubai from Xclusive Tours. Our 90 minute guided boat trips are charged reasonably for your utmost satisfaction. Get onboard with us on a boat trip and explore the beautiful side of Dubai from a unique perspective. Contact us today!


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