Awesome Boat Tour You Shouldn’t Miss!

Are you wondering which place would be the best for spending your holidays? Step on marina cruise Dubai on a boat and enjoy the exhilarating experience of Dubai sightseeing. Beyond the freedom of sailing on the Persian Gulf, you will come across the beautiful skyline of Dubai. The mesmerizing and endless views of sea leave no stone unturned to hypnotize every traveler who passes by this place. Enjoy the blissful experience of seeing the Dubai’s beautiful cityscape. As the cool breeze blows your hair, the boat will take you to a lifetime’s journey which will be charmed with scenic views of skyscrapers and glittering buildings.

Adventurous Boat Tour Begins At Dubai Marina!

This Boat ride is no doubt a worthy adventurous way to explore seaside attractions of Dubai. Something that would leave you stunned as you will see the best of architectural craftsmanship. If you are planning to visit Emirates, the boat ride will help you see best of Dubai from a different perspective. As the speeding boat will gear from Dubai Marina, you will come across a gamut of top tourist spots that will leave no chance to draw your attention. Just sit in the boat with your life vest on and seat belts knuckled up.

Experience Warm Hospitality Hard To Forget On Boat Trips!

As you prepare for a lifetime journey from Marina cruise Dubai, you will be greeted by a guide onboard, proficient in English with a smile on his face. This place always hustles and bustles from the tourists around the world. The boat will leave off the yacht club at the scheduled time as your journey on the water begins.

Sail Smoothly With Fully Secured Boats!

The Boats typically accommodate 12 people onboard. These boats are engine-propelled rib boats that are equipped with all features required for smooth sailing and a joyful riding along the coastline of Dubai. They resemble to inflatable rafts when looked at, from a far distance. Equipped with GPS facility, these boats are made to offer you a smooth voyage to Burj Al Arab and more. Stay assured that you are safe onboard.

For the one who doesn’t easily get seasick and can bear the wind hitting the hairs with full throttle, booking front seats on the boat does make a sense. For people who quickly get nauseated should rather have back seats booked for them at the time of online booking. The speed of the boat will gradually increase or decrease as per the currents of the sea. Sometimes it might be jumpy while other times smooth, however, you are all safe and nothing is there to be worried about the safety onboard.


Experiencing Marina Cruise Dubai on a RIB boat sets aside your all other past boat ride experiences that you have got at other places. Enjoy exciting and liberating Dubai sightseeing experience as you sail towards Burj Al Arab. Dubai is all about offering exquisite views that are unique in themselves.

Are you looking for a quality boat tour Marina Cruise Dubai? Welcome aboard at Xclusive Tours, the name that redefines premium class boat travel experience. We won’t be satisfied until you are, so pack your bags to see Dubai on an exclusive boat ride from Xclusive Tours. Book Dubai boat rides today!


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