Explore Dubai Dhow Cruise – The Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!

Dubai is a popular tourist destination that needs no introduction. Every year, tourists fly down to this place to spend their holidays on Dubai dhow cruise. In fact, there couldn’t be a better place than Dubai to rejuvenate your mind as well as soul with its thrilling scenic views. The moment you step on to the land of deserts, you will be surprised to find so many tourist spots at just one place. Some of them are man-made while others are nature-gifted. Whatever you are exploring, you will get a reflection of modern architecture that has blended deep into the culture of the city.

From famous 7-star hotels to elegantly designed skyscrapers, there is a lot to capture in your camera while you watch these places on a dhow cruise. Explore what perks Dubai has got for you while you sail around its coastline.

Glimpses of Marvelous Architecture!

The luxurious buildings of Dubai outshine any other buildings that dare to stand in competition with them. One good example is the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. This fabulous 7-star hotel is counted as the most luxurious hotel in the world. So, you will have a great opportunity to click the photos with icons like these on your trip with Dubai Dhow Cruise. The voyage becomes more blissful when you experience the cool wind blowing your hair as you sit on the upper deck.

The Magical Effect of Palm Island!

As you sail through the clear waters of the sea, you will reach Palm Island. This man-made island has everything a rich person can wish for. Lots of investments have been done to make this area a heavenly place. Make the best out of this opportunity and capture these moments with the opulent villas that redefines luxurious living. The trip to Dubai’s coastline is incomplete if you miss out capturing them with your loved ones from the upper deck of the cruise with a camera. It’s a perfect idea to get your loved ones onbaord and sail through the clear waters to explore mesmerizing views of Dubai.


Though people even pick the roads as a way to explore Dubai but experiencing its glittering views on dhow cruise dubai has its own charm. Seaside views add more beauty to every photo you capture onboard. Dubai Sightseeing while cruising around the coastline will leave you refreshed. You will leave a strong impression on your loved ones and the charming smile on their faces will make you feel contented from within. Give your partner the perfect gift of her life by getting your tickets booked for cruise adventure in Dubai on the upcoming holidays.

This summer, give your loved ones a heavenly trip to Dubai on Dubai dhow cruise. Don’t settle for less than 5-star cruising experience that only we, Xclusive Cruise, can offer. Our elegant dhow will add more ambience to your dhow cruising experience. Sail with us for a memorable trip as we can take you on a lifetime voyage to experience Dubai in its full-bloom. Contact us today!


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