Go Fishing Dubai – Fishing in Dubai

It’s all about having fun under the sun! This business started decades ago out of passion for fishing in Dubai and what it brought along ; that sense of freedom being in the open sea, that fresh ocean breeze that brings a smile to your face, and that feeling of being on a vacation from your mind is the reason why we are still operational after all these years!

At Xclusive Fishing one does not need to be an extreme fishing freak to go on a tour with us. Even if one is totally naïve and unaware about the fishing tips and tricks or even if somebody is a total hydrophobic or a non swimmer, our highly trained and skilled staff  and other crew members will guide you and take total and complete care of you on your trip, and get you reeling in that fish. All our staff has had years experience fishing in these waters and is all keen fisherman with first aid qualifications.

Our fishing charters in Dubai can take a maximum capacity of 8 people per boat, and all trips includes refreshments, snacks, bait and fishing equipment. All our boats are equipped with a toilet, sonar, GPS, and all the safety equipment as per UAE coast guard regulations.

Our tours come with a warning label! This can get addictive and you can turn into an “aquaholic”! We have numerous packages to choose from depending on your preference and the occasion. Whether you are looking to go out on our “Big Game Fishing” session and get some crazy pictures, or looking to have a fishing competition and end up BBQing your catch on a luxury yacht (all in the ambiance of good music of course), then Go Fishing Tours is the place to be! Our main concern is that you enjoy your time with us, we will fish for that “content feeling” from you! And this is a must do if some one comes to Dubai, as Dubai is all about fishing trips and fishing charters if you are out on a holiday with your family.

The lukewarm and shallow waters around Dubai act pretty much as a lavish plankton buffet for the vast baitfish schools during the winter months, attracting a colorful variety of game fish straight to the Arabian gulf. Some of these fish you may very well be familiar with already – Cobia, Kingfish, giant Barracuda and a few other trophy fish rally along the city’s coastline practically all year round. Other coveted species, however, are almost endemic to the Emirates, making a fishing trip out of Dubai literally a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many.


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