A Fun Day in Dubai – Fishing Trips

Dubai is considered the business hub of the Middle East, but it’s also becoming a famous destination for tourists. In the last 15 years, Dubai transformed from a desert city to the city of the future. In Dubai you can find the tallest skyscraper in the world (Burj Khalifa) and the biggest mall as well. Dubai is famous for its beautiful buildings, but it also has a great sea front. Tourists and locals can enjoy the warm weather and the sun all year-round. If you are a fishing enthusiast then you should try fishing in Dubai.

Weather control

The weather is warm year-round. During summer (June-Aug) the weather gets very warm (reaches 45oC). The weather in December, January and February is cool and nice (temp between 20-12C). The months between September and May are all great to have wonderful and jaw dropping Fishing Trip Dubai.

How to go for a fishing trip in Dubai?

There are plenty of fishing charters in Dubai for fishing trips; however it’s not easy to find them. Usually tourists ask their hotel reception to help with recommending some boats, but that doesn’t mean that they are getting the best deal. On the other hand, locals will do an online search, but the information they find is often not sufficient and prices are usually hidden or vague.

With exclusive fishing one will find a variety of boats and you can easily compare the offers and prices of each and every boat we have listed. We provide you with all of the information you are looking for with an easy online booking solution. All of the boats listed are our trusted partners and cleared several quality assurance tests to ensure their service capability. Our prices are listed directly from the Boat Owners, and we never charge extra fees to our customers.

What fishes to keep fishing trips for?

The Kingfish (usually also known as King Mackerel) has all of the characteristics of a true sport fish, it’s fast, strong, and big with razor-sharp teeth. This strong fighter can grow up to 2m and 70kg, and  prefers to live in warm waters with a temperature ranging between 20C to 29C.

·         When to fish for Kingfish in Dubai

All year-round

·         Where to fish for Kingfish in Dubai?

Kingfish can be found in depths between 12-45m, usually swimming over reefs and rocks that are not so far from the shore.

·         How to fish for Kingfish in Dubai?

Trolling is the best way to catch a Kingfish with various kinds of baits (live bait, dead bait, spoons, jigs or artificial lures).

Tips for a great experience for fishing –
– Listen to the captain and crew
– If fishing with live fish for bait, change your bait often
– Maintain the right attitude.  Not every time out is going to result in catching the fish of a lifetime.  Even experienced anglers get skunked.  Enjoy your time on the water.


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