Find Out More About The Xclusive Yachts Service

Xclusive Yachts was established in the year 2006 in Dubai and is considered now the leading and an award winning yachts charter service company that have been started. They are regarded as the only company which has a record of owning their individual fleet of yachts and have set the benchmark and standard in the industry. This makes them the pioneer in the yachts chartering company.  Their specialist knowledge and experience has made them cater and anticipate the needs of different parties and individuals in general. Xclusive is known to offer quite a luxurious experience for everyone on board which could be achieved from the luxurious fleet to the quality crew of the yachts and the professional staff with an amazing guest relation services. Xclusive Yachts is now regarded the five star company in Dubai. Luxury yachts Dubai has been great to all its members and there have been experienced staff always at the service of the guests.

One team

Luxury Yachts Dubai has a team consisting of members who form a single group and work together in all good and bad times. Their vessels are all registered in accordance with the regulations and rules of UAE and have been checked by the department of the municipal corporation. Their crew and captains have an extensive knowledge of all the local area and that allows one to capture the best sights and the famous coastline of Dubai. The team is always on the search to make the people comfortable in their experience and to make them have a journey to be remembered for an entire lifetime.

Captain command

The duty of the captain will be of an important one undoubtedly. He will have one person who will be the deck hand and will invariably assist him in all of the duties that he will have. The work of the person will also include ensuring that all the guests receive a good hospitality in their yachts in Dubai. It will all depend on the number of people who will be present on board for both private as well as corporate work. The helping hand would include waiters, stewards, a qualified chef and hostesses who will look after all the needs and demands of the people.

Trained crew

The crew is highly trained and have years of experience in hand. They also hold all the qualifications that are internationally recognized and understandable. Although the water of the gulf is regarded as calm and mild, the boats are linked with governing bodies of the local marine and they are mostly equipped for any sort of eventualities to come. Therefore every sort of preparation has been taken and there is no room for mistake on the part of the crew.

Location and facilities

Luxury yachts Dubai promises to provide for facilities that are quite flexible and comfortable keeping in mind the need and demands of the people on board. They are located in the main arena for local business. They are the award winning Yacht Company and operate almost every day in the year. They have got a professional staff and services. They have got the ability to provide a redundancy yachts if there are any reported case of malfunction.


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