Luxury Sailing on Dhow Cruise in Dubai


Dhow is a lateen-rigged coastal Arab sailing vessel with one or two masts. It is a very old type of ship previously used by Arab merchants and Indian traders; they have been in use since the Greeks were in power. The Dhow was designed for fishing and trading mainly close to shore. These traditional vessels now converted and modified to luxury cruising in Dubai. These luxury vessels offer some romantic journey with your loved one. Dhow Cruise in Dubai explores a luxurious dinner experience to many tourists and residents in Dubai. Dhow Cruise grants an opportunity to the visitors to explore Dubai sailing over the Persian Gulf. These are the several reasons of the growing popularity of Dhow Cruise in Dubai.

The Dhow cruise tours to Dubai provides chance to view the historical monuments, old buildings and heritage Villages that reflect the glorious past as well as it also offers the trip through modern and lavish Dubai. The Dhow cruises are the ideal place for newly married couples for a romantic evening. Parties, events, social gathering and meeting are also arranged here by business owners.

Where to avail the Dhow Cruises:

These traditionally decorated wooden dhow vessels of Dubai are of two types. One is Dhow Creek Cruise and another one is Marina Dhow Cruise, both sails over the Persian Gulf.

Creek Dhow offers the opportunity to sail along the Dubai creek under the moonlit sky where you can rejoice in the beauty of the traditional and modern architecture of the area. You can witness the major landmarks of Dubai glittering under the evening sky as the vessel glides across the creek. It presents a beautiful evening under the starry night against a majestic background of Dubai’s skyline. The vessel gently glides over the waves to bestow Dubai’s heritage and culture in front of the passengers.

Marina Dhow Cruise proffers to enjoy the eye-catching views of Dubai Marina from Gulf water. The picturesque skyscraper illuminated under starry evening sky, some enthralling architectural structures are there to cheer your mind and eyes.

These vessels are perfect for a romantic dinner also. In Dhow cruise passengers breathe of fresh genteel breeze and enjoy their evening with hot Arabian coffee. Here you can begin your dining experience with some freshly baked bread, juice, salad etc. Then you have the chance to luxuriate in the buffet with some delicious dishes. Your meal will be accompanied by some soups, soft drinks and juices. After that, you can enjoy the taste of some good quality desserts. The entire arrangement of dinner table makes your meal perfect.


Dhow Cruise Dubai offers various types of entertainment like dance performance, live singing, etc. In Marine Dhow Cruise your magical evening concludes with traditional Tanoura dance performance by professional artists.

Sailing over the sea by Dhow vessel is a novel experience which offers an unforgettable memory to the visitors in Dubai. It is a relaxing and refreshing experience.


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