Gliding with Romantic Waves: Enjoy Romantic Cruise Dinner at Dubai


The glorious history of transoceanic passenger travel is only in books now. But that does not mean that traveling across the sea by ship is just a history too. Those large ships are now converted and modified to luxury cruising, where you can enjoy an excellent dinner experience.

To experience a perfect dinner in your holiday in Dubai you have to float on the calm waters of the Persian Gulf. And many cruise ships offer you to make your memories memorable by through this way. Cruise Dinner in Dubai is now very attractive to young as well as old couples.

Dhow Dinner Cruise

  1. Creek Dhow Dinner Cruise

You can spend your romantic evening by having dinner in Dhow Creek Dinner Cruise, a cruise on a traditional wooden dhow vessel. Sailing over the Persian Gulf, you will be accompanied by streaming cup of Arabian Coffee. After that, there will be a delightful buffet dinner awaiting you. Then you can enjoy your dining experience with drinks followed by delicious fresh foods. You will sail along the Dubai creek under the moonlit sky and can rejoice in the beauty of the traditional and modern architecture of the area.

  1. Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise

Another most adorable Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai is Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise, a cruise on a traditional wooden dhow vessel and it offers you the eye-catching views of Dubai Marina from the waters. Cruise along the Dubai Marina offers a picturesque skyscraper illuminated under the starry evening sky. You can enjoy enthralling architectural structure with hot coffee or some drinks. Then you have the chance to luxuriate in the buffet with some delicious dishes. Your magical night will be entertained by a traditional tanoura dance performance and live singing.

Dubai Exclusive Luxury Dinner Cruise

Exclusive Luxury Dinner Cruise offers a luxurious dinner experience to many tourists and residents in Dubai. The Address Hotel, Dubai provides this service to enjoy the spectacular views of Dubai Marina at night by sailing over the sea.

  1. Dinner Cruise:

The Xclusive Cruise offers an elegant evening with a romantic dinner. You can begin your meal with freshly baked bread and salads followed by the main courses. A delightful buffet with dishes like steamed rice, Roast rump of beef gratin, chicken curry and desserts make your dinner perfect. Your meal will be accompanied by juices and soft drinks. You can breathe of fresh air on the upper deck of the ship after dinner. With the gentle breeze, some music will give you a unique experience.

2.Luxury Houseboats:

Luxury houseboats offer a five-star hotel experience on sea water. In these houseboats, the guests can enjoy a lavish buffet while cruising along the sea. You can enjoy with soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee on the open upper deck. Top to floor glass windows allows the guests to adore the beauty of Dubai Marina from the dining hall. It delivers an intimate, upscale cruising experience with a romantic dinner.


Cruise Dinner Dubai is a novel experience which offers an unforgettable memory to the visitors. So, if you want to enjoy a great evening with your loved ones, you can make a Dubai Sightseeing Tour.


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