Explore Dubai in A Whole New Way: Experience The Dubai Waters With Dhow Cruise


The Dubai waterways are always full of life. You will always find many luxury yachts and Dhows in the water glowing majestically. The origin of the word ‘Dhow’ is Arabic. It is a kind of traditional sailing vessel with one or more than one masts with lateen sails. Though Dhows were traditionally used for fishing and trading fruits and fresh water, it has changed its purpose. Now Dhows are being beautifully decorated and sailing with the travelers on board throughout the day and night.

Dhow cruises are particularly available in Dubai Marina, the newer part of Dubai and the Creek, the old part of the city. The specialty of Dhow cruise Dubai Marina is that it has been bound to give you a mesmerizing experience, as the Dubai Marina is situated at the suavest part of the city.

Enjoyable views from Marina:

Enjoying Dhow cruise in Dubai water is not about enjoying luxury dinner with your family and friends. It’s about enjoying a great view from the Dhow. Though the Creek has a peculiarly enjoyable old-school charm, the views from there can get a little limited. But the Dhow cruise Dubai Marina offers you a great view with architectural elements in it. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of Dubai skyline at night and be assured to be spellbound. The Dubai skyline is observed particularly from Mina lagoon at night. Watching the passing cars and trams above you from the Dhow cruise is bound to give you quite a pleasurable experience.

Higher quality of service:

If you want to enjoy the zest of UAE’s most beautiful delicacies, then start researching on Dhow cruise dinners. Enjoying Dinner at Dhow cruise Dubai Marina can be a lot more expensive and exquisite than the Dhow dinners in the Creek. The Dhow dinner at Dubai Marina will give you the complete 5-star experience with finger licking Middle Eastern delicacies combined with classic Middle Eastern music, dancing along with excellent catering, serving and overall services. Though the Dhow Dinner available at Creek is cheaper, the quality of their food and overall services are also lower than the Marina.

New experience:

For every Dubai resident, enjoying a Dhow cruise dinner with friends and family is nothing new. But for a traveller, who is new in the city, the Dhow dinner can be a great experience. Those who already experienced a Dhow dinner at Creek and are looking for a new experience should book a table at Dhow cruise Dubai Marina. For enjoying the dinner and the mesmerizing view with the optimum comfort level and beautiful gourmet food, book your dinner at Dubai Marina.


The Dhow dinner at Creek is always full of hustle with the sound of traffics, other barges, cruisers and trades. You’ll see fishing Dhows, fruit Dhows. But at Dubai Marina, you can enjoy your dinner with your family and friends in peace.


If you are visiting Dubai with your loved ones, make their trip memorable with Dhow Cruise Dinner at Dubai Marina.


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