Dubai Dhow Cruise: A Majestic Experience


A Dhow is a traditional wooden coasting sailing vessel of Arabia, which has been used historically for a variety of purposes, for trading, transportation, and pleasure. Tourism is the prime business of Dubai. As a mode of sea transportation, Dhow has played a significant role in the history and evolution of the Gulf. Cruising down Dubai is a novel experience. It gives pleasure in a delightful environment. There are various companies conduct this Dhow Cruise business for a very long time. Dubai is more beautiful in the evening and the night. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the holiday. To make the trip more gracious Dubai Dhow Cruise is always present at your service. There are different sizes of Dhow cruises.

Dubai is a destination that mixes modern culture with the history of ancient time, adventure, and entertainment. You can enjoy the Tanoura dance form with live singing on the board. The Arabic music will make your mind refreshed. To create a fascinating sight, Dubai Government has been eliminating belly dancing entirely replaced by Tanoura, a traditionally Turkish dance, performed by a male dancer.

There are two types of Dubai Dhow Cruise

  • Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise
  • Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise:

This is a grand way of spending an evening on a Dhow cruise in Dubai. Creek Dhow Cruise runs daily, starts at 8.30 p.m. Pick up facility is also available here. Sailing over the Persian Gulf, you can enjoy the soft breeze and can appreciate the view of Dubai skyline. A variety of delicious food items along with Arabian coffee will be served on boarding a Creek Dhow Cruise. International buffet dinners with vegan and non-veg dishes are available on the cruise.

The most important thing is the dinner at the atmosphere of a five-star hotel. It will make your journey more enjoyable. There will be some arrangements of first aid and protection like life jackets while you are on the Dhow Cruise as you will be on the floating resort.

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise:

Marina Cruise is a traditional Dhow Cruise which runs daily at 8.30 p.m. This cruise boat is beautifully ornamented with lights. You can enjoy a delightful evening under the starry sky. Dubai landmarks shine through the moonlit sky across the creek. Traditional Tanoura is also a part of this trip. Tourists can taste the flavor of this pleasurable trip.

World class buffet dinner will be served under the stars which feel like gliding in heaven. You can enjoy seeing the beautiful view of the old city. Dhow cruise Marina gives pick up and drop back facility from your Dubai hotel.


Dhow Cruise Dubai is one kind of floating resort. You can enjoy your vacation in an alluring place with excellent and high standard facilities. It is an excellent opportunity to pass the time in such place as a king. These ships are furnished with bars, swimming pools, spa, theater as well as different types of restaurants. The romantic ambiance and soft music entertainment – Arabic, English and Hindi music will touch your inner-self unquestionably.


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