Dubai Dhow Cruise

Dhows are romantic and attractive place to enjoy in Dubai

Want to impress the lady of your life and so you have decided to go for a cruise Dinner for your first date! Well, you should be recognized for selecting such a smart concept but your aim will be satisfied only when you will be capable of making the date completely loving. The concept of dating a lady on a cruise Dinner is itself quite fascinating and looking after a few factors will help you take full advantage of the time you may devote to her. Dubai is somewhat famous for its Dhow Cruise Dinner cruise on the creek which offers an amazing secret, romantic endeavours and originality.

What are Dhows?

Dhows are wooden sailing vessels which arose in the Middle East. Dubai used the Arabic sailing boat many years ago on the creek to handle the heavy items of goods, like fruit and other produce brought in into the Emirate from the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, India and East Africa. There are different types of dhows with different forms and early dhows were made of shells.

Why is a Dinner Cruise trip a Good Choice?

If you are one of those individuals, who have decided for a Dinner in Dhow Cruise Dubai after hearing about it from a few friends, you need to learn the reason. Dinner cruise trips are specially meant for holding romantic dinners and provide the ideal environment you need for impressing a lady. The designs of the location and the attractive elegance you will get have fun with in your way will add charm to the dating plan. Apart from the elegance of the best place, the melodious music performed by the band troupes of the cruise trips will also cause you to feel the love in the air.

How interesting it would be if you can spend few hours with your family members enclosed by outstanding environment and enthralled amusement! A family consists of people belonging to different generations so finding something that can attraction to everyone is a little bit difficult. My experience says that dhow cruise trips are ideal for pleasing everyone in your family. The relaxing environment will give reposing effect to the older individuals while enjoyment will keep young people happy. There is much to discover for your curious little ones. Persia coffee with dates refreshes everyone and who will not enjoy delightful cuisines? So reserve a private dhow for your family and have a peerless party of Family Day. There cannot be a better place where all your close relatives can engage in similarly. Trips in Dubai Dhow Cruise create the best combination between the traditional and modern life of Dubai.

The trip continues approximately 3 hours, as soon as you begin your way the boat starts its drive along the attractive Dubai creek, you will be able have fun with the attractions of the city from balconies of the cruise, traditional food as well as continental foods are offered at the food table and to finish it off you will be given a traditional tea and shisha.

It’s an amazing experience. If anyone plans to visit Dubai for a vacation, then must take a tour with Dhow cruise Dubai and also enjoy a delicious dinner there.


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