Dubai Sightseeing Tour

If you have a plan to visit Dubai, then winters is the best season to visit Dubai. Dubai is known for its rich culture and for some of the amazing places. Are you ready to witness the tallest building in the world? Can you recognize about which building are we talking? Burj khalifa! Here, is the list of those places which you should visit, while you are in Dubai. We are pretty sure that you will not be able to resist the list. So, here the list begins…

  • Burj Khalifa- Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. You will not be able to resist the charm of the tallest building. This building is so tall, that it is visible from every corner of Dubai. It is made of glass and it has many offices and restaurants inside the building. Thousands of people daily visit this building. The charges for visiting this building are very minimal and the amazing feeling that you will feel once you visit this building is just commendable. It is recommended that you should visit Burj Khalifa during night, so that you can enjoy visiting this building to the maximum extent possible.
  • The Dubai Mall- The Dubai mall is one of the best malls around the world. This mall has so many shops in it that you will not be able to stop yourself from shopping in this mall. This mall has each and every big and famous brand around the world. The food court of this mall has every kind of food, be it vegetarian or be it non-vegetarian. It has something for everyone. This mall is so wide that it is impossible to visit every shop of this mall in one day. It is one of the most visited places in Dubai.
  • Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo- As the name suggests, it is the zoo, which is situated underwater. This zoo is fully covered with water and there is just a small passage underwater, to let the visitor visit this aquarium. This aquarium has every kind of water animals in it. We can’t say that only kids would enjoy visiting this place, but yes, they would prefer visiting aquarium more than the adults. But, one thing is for sure, that even adults won’t get bored visiting this place. The ticket charges are also very minimal.

The best part about Dubai is that the charges are very minimal for each and every place to visit. It is also considered as one of the cleanest places around the world. The rules in Dubai are so strict that, there are very less chances that they would be broken.

One thing is for sure that you will have to be very careful about each and everything that you will do in Dubai. It has something for everyone who visits Dubai. You will never get bored in Dubai.

The above mentioned list has been made, so that you know which places you have to visit in Dubai. We hope that you will enjoy your Dubai Sightseeing!


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