Experience the Unforgettable Dhow Cruise in Dubai

While travelling your favorite place in the globe, the best way of ensuring that you take with your memories which stay for a lifetime is taking benefit of everything which you can. Memories are made of more than only seeing the greatest area of the place; it must encompass encountering the exclusive activities it needs to provide you amid your stay or holiday. If you’re more of an adventuresome traveller, then you’ll be delighted for trying out some of the great things which your destination has stored for you.

If you discover yourself in a dhow cruise in Dubai, then you should try this out. You can enjoy an amazing Cruise Dinner in the conventional wooden dhow readily available and avail the international buffet and nice entertainment as you delightfully experience the constant smooth floating of the dhow. These cruises are provided in alluring locations and you’ll simply love the red carpet welcome which you receive from the service provider. You cruise even can be really romantic under the blinking stars and well lit dhow.

The best thing regarding Dubai Dhow Cruise is that it still provides you with an opportunity of exploring the beauty of the place you are visiting from an elegant double decked dhow. The views you’ll catch from the elegant and comfortable dhow are just unforgettable like those of skyscrapers making that romantic skyline and backdrop which you will simply love. Dubai Dhow Cruise is really well-known and you’ll need to plan strategically to ensure that you get the best spot and do not miss out on the dhow cruise.

Tips on planning your Dhow Cruise in Dubai:

Generally, service providers provide pick-up service from the hotel to the dhow with the charges based on the hotel’s distance. Nevertheless, you’ll still require playing your part in making sure that all work out best. Here are three tips on how you can plan it better:

  1. Start to book little early and ensure the confirmation of booking also. E-vouchers can be utilised for the excursion.
  2. You need to concentrate on the pickup time from the hotel for getting ready and waiting by the time the coach comes for taking you to the cruise. Dhow operators especially notify the time and changes which could happen due to road closure and heavy traffic.
  3. For encountering the best in the cruise, make sure you’re the first one for booking for having the freedom of selecting the ideal dining table for you. Many tour operators provide with a floor plan and while you’re the first one to book a spot, you are bound to enjoy it. Some even arrange the table for 2-6 guests.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai can be really memorable and enjoyable also. There are simply so many things for enjoying and you can basically take the nice, authentic and romantic settings for popping up the question or only letting the float of dhow cruise in Dubai Marina completely take your breath away.


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