Debunking Weight Loss Surgery Myths

The primary logic behind undergoing weight loss surgery Dubai is to reduce weight effectively. Many people, who are suffering from obesity, have been considering this option when other conventional methods like diet plans and exercise fail to generate the expected results. If obesity surgery is performed under the supervision of experienced professionals, you can enjoy amazing results and it has always been known as a highly effective tool to lose weight. Here are some important myths about weight loss surgery that must be demystified to bring some clarity in the minds of a good number of people:

1) Great amount risk is involved with weight loss surgery

The general public still associates great amount of risk with obesity related surgeries. According to a good number of people, it involves the risk of even death. This perception is absolutely wrong. Many research studies have clearly shown that weight loss surgery is extremely safe with a mortality rate of 0.1% and the surgical complication rate comes around only 2%. The most prominent reason why most patients having a surgery is to address the health complications involved with morbid obesity. When you compare the risks of staying obese, surgery for weight loss is a much better option. If you choose the right clinic and best doctors, there is nothing to worry about.

2) Regaining weight after surgery is an impossible task

Any type of Weight Loss Surgery can be described as a tool to lose weight. How much weight can a person lose depends on the individual capabilities. The sustainability of weight loss is directly connected with every individual’s’ motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle. Some people regain weight because they lead an unhealthy lifestyle and you have to strictly follow the advice of the nutritionist or dietitian to prevent weight regain.

3) Women cannot become pregnant after surgery for weight loss

Women with excess weight often find it hard to become pregnant because of the hormone imbalances and fertility issues including lack of proper menstrual cycles. On the other hand; many women enjoy increased level of fertility after the surgery due to their healthy weight. Any woman can become pregnant after the surgery and most of them experience reduced risks of complications normally linked with obesity. If a woman loses weight and has no other health complications, she can easily expect a normal delivery.

4) Reduces hunger for ever

Most patients are of the opinion that they experience reduced food cravings immediately after the surgery. Some patients may have to deal with what is known as head hunger and it can be described as a withdrawal symptom. It has been found that after one or two years post surgery, a good number of people regains hunger. The positive aspect is that most people learn how to lead a healthy life and a smaller meal satisfies them rather than consuming all those unwanted junk foods.

If you keep on eating all those unhealthy foods with or without surgery, you are bound to gain weight. A weight loss surgery is a springboard to lead a healthy life and you have to follow good eating habits to maintain the quality of life.

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