A Pleasant Evening on a Gorgeous Dhow Cruise in the City Of Lights – Dubai!

You must be thinking, what is a dhow, or what is a Dubai cruise dinner on a Dhow?

A dhow is an ancient vessel used in Arabian regions for, transportation, pearl diving & fishing. In the recent years, most of these traditional dhows are refurbished into luxurious floating restaurants, which mean these are fully decorated vessels with proper seating space, where they usually serve sumptuous buffet dinners for guests on a cruise in Dubai city. Some of the dhows even include some types of live performances &shows to entertain their guests.

Dubai marina is the latest development of Dubai city, an extremely modern part of the city with a positive vibe & lots of yachts, apartments, restaurants, boats etc. Thus, Dhow dinner cruise Dubai is an extravagant dinner tour on a Dhow vessel with Global buffet dinner and an interesting way of going around the stunning city. Over the years, the dhow cruises have become a part of the city’s culture and one of the most admired tourist attractions of Dubai. It offer a perfect blend of both, a dining as well as cruising experiences which allow the passengers to enjoy an amazing skyline view while dining and enjoying live entertainment programs.

Dinner Dhow Cruises in the Dubai city have rapidly secured an important position in the norms & now has become a usual thing to do when in Dubai. At first, the Dinner cruise were ran entirely in the Creek, but after the opening of the Dubai Marina, the dhow cruise tradition and culture was quickly transferred to this part of the city.

Items & amenities generally included in a dhow dinner cruise Dubai are international buffet form of dinners with a variety of salads. Many cruises offer 7 types of main course items, with soups, sea food and different dessert options. Guests are also served with appetizer on their arrival, until the buffet dinner is ready for them.

Live programs like the ‘Tanura dancers” performances, is a traditional dance that is very exciting to watch where a man in an ornate dress with bright lights spinning for few minutes, creating an extensive array of twirls and patterns with stunning skirting lights.

The Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai provides its guests with a very logical & existential contrast between the modern and the traditional aspects. The cruise is an ancient wooden ship that walks through an area which seems to be a glimpse of the future.

So, a Dhow Cruise in the Dubai city has a lot to offer. One who wish to experience an award winning night with family and friends, then do not fail to miss to hop on dhow cruise when in Dubai, next.

There are many online portals through which you can book your cruise tickets and avail great offers throughout the year. One of those portals is Xclusive Cruise which provides the maximum benefits if you book dhow dinner cruise online.


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