A Guide to Follow for Your Dubai Boat Tour Excursions

Watching the skyscrapers and that sleek waterline of river Marina, Dubai looks completely ravishing and different when you see it on a boat tour. Meet anyone who’s been to Dubai and they’d tell you the wonderful experience of doing a boat tour in Dubai. If you too have heard a lot about this and have a wish to do something like this while in Dubai, there are a few simple points worth keeping in mind. Take a look at these aspects and get a clearer picture of what is in for you.

Ø  Types Of Packages

There are a variety of Dubai sightseeing packages that you can choose from. These packages have different travel areas, different places covered, have a varied range of time duration’s and considering all this, they will charge you according to what you choose. Being someone who is doing it for the first time, do a complete research about all these aspects to be very clear about what would be the most suitable for you as per your preferences as well as the budget.

Ø  Group Tours

The motor boats that you choose for the Dubai Boat Trips have different capacities. So you can either book an entire boat if you are travelling in a group of making individual bookings and travel with other travelers. If you have the budget, you can also ask for an individual excursion to enjoy your privacy and stay comfortable.

Ø  Personalized Package

Most of the boat tour package providers have certain fixed packages where you take you across certain places in Dubai in a limited time frame on a motor boat. But if you are looking for a package that is personalized as per your needs, you will have to talk to the company. Although they would charge you extra for that but then you’d get the chance to enjoy your boat ride the way you want.

Ø  Fixed Time Schedules

Just like the boat ride is of limited time, they are operated at the fixed time schedules only. So until and unless you are booking the entire boat, you would otherwise have adhered according to the schedule these Boat Rides run. Mostly, the rides of shorter duration’s, like 30 minutes are operated mostly in the evening hours so that you can enjoy the view when everything is well lit. So if you are making a pre-booking, which is advisable due to the high number of tourists wanting to go for these boat rides, remember you reach well in time so that you don’t miss the opportunity.

Ø  Safety

Since you’d be with many other people on a motor boat, make some efforts to take care of your own safety as well. Although these companies have all the security aspects checked, you too should follow the rules they ask you to.

 City sightseeing in Dubai through a boat tour & Dhow Cruise Dinner with Xclusive Cruise Dubai is going to be great fun if you take care of the small things that are discussed above.


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