An Unforgettable Dubai Tour in a Dhow Cruise!

Dubai is an active city with a unique charisma of its own. Over a century ago, the city was just a peaceful town where gypsum hut homes had the pearl divers and Bedouin traders, as its residents. The city has a dramatic evolution, from wind towers and mosques to extensive skyscrapers. A dhow cruise Dubai will take you to the city’s mystic history from its magnificent present. The routes of the amazing trip include almost everything that a tourist must not miss.

You can see the Jumeirah mosque and the world famous Jumeirah beach & all of its remarkable 5 star hotels, a great sight to click beautiful photos with your near and dear ones.

The tourists can look at the impressive science-fiction towers standing next to the City’s World Trade Center at the Sheikh Zaved road. The gorgeous Sheikh Palace is another beautiful sight which is close to Bur Dubai i.e. famous for ancient wind tower homes crafted by rich merchants.

The old Al Fahidi Fort, houses the Dubai Museum which educates the tourists about the history of the city. You can enjoy water taxi rides at the genuine Abra and discover the mystic aroma of spice emporium & the blaze of the gold emporium at Deira, which leaves the travelers mesmerized. A dhow cruise Dubai includes every important place or sight that a traveler must see on his or her cruise trip to Dubai city.

The cruise trip have packages that include a variety of facilities such as refreshments, buffet break, lunch or dinner, assorted drinks, pick-up the passenger or drop-off passenger the amenity, etc.

If you are planning to have corporate tour with your associates, then the Dubai Dhow Cruise is a great option. The cruise tour is perfect way to relax and work, at the same time. The work load is nothing in front of the pleasant sightseeing opportunity. It helps you in understanding your acquaintances and business partners, better.

Cruising in Dubai is a different experience for every tourist, which no one should miss when you are in this city.

Imagine yourself with your loved ones, having dinner on a beautifully decorated dhow cruise with stunning lights and pleasant music to entertain you. You can enjoy your preferred drinks and buffet breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

If you are on your honeymoon or on a trip to Dubai with your wife or girlfriend, then surprise her with a dhow cruise in Dubai, which will make your trip absolutely unforgettable and perfect!

So, wait no more, book your Dhow Cruise Dubai now to explore this beautiful way to look around this gorgeous city and experience the best of it. You book you dhow cruise through xclusive cruise and avail maximum benefits on your booking. Discover the Dubai marina with xclusive cruise and make great memories with your family and friends. Experience the luxury and enjoy your cruise like never before.


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