Experience A Colourful Evening With A Grand Cruise Dinner In Dubai

Dubai is one of the populous cities in the United Arab Emirates situated on the South-eastern coast of the Persian Gulf which generally distracts the dreams of most of the travellers around the world due to its wide ranges of natural beauties ranging from the stretches of the sandy deserts to the hard mountain ranges. Added to this, the modern technological advancement prevalent in the sphere of its architecture will surely attract you and you will just be amazed to witness the amenities  of tourism which would have you a lifetime experience.

 A Flavour Of Tradition On The Dock Of Dhow Cruise:

But if you are planning to fix Dubai as your holiday destination, among the broad range of distracting tourism appliances, the one thing you should never miss is the Cruise Dinner in Dubai. Popularly this is known as the Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner. Actually, Dhow is a traditional boat which made out the wood and it bears a deep cultural tradition. In the ancient days, the Arabs, mostly the Arabian fishermen were known to have sailed with this muscular wooden boat. It is why the tourism companies in Dubai have taken this Dhow boats as a footprint of cultural tradition and it has been made a significant tourist attraction.

Regarding The Cruise Trip In Dubai:

These appealing decorated wooden boats called as Dhows offer an orderly trip on the water body every evening which has been popularised in the name of Cruise dinner in Dubai. There is an option that you will be picked up from your hotel to the site of Cruise trip. This Cruise tour lasts almost for three hours and you must know that most of the Dhow Cruise’s journey begins from the deria side of Dubai. Apart from this, there are also some cruises which start journey from bur Dubai side of the Dubai creek.

What’s Special In Dubai Cruise Dinner?

After the Cruise begins its ride slowly, you will be travelling along the Picturesque of Dubai creek and you will be experiencing and  enjoy the magnificent sights of the dwelling city of Dubai at night while standing on the terraces of your cruise. Apart from gulping the flavoured beauty of the Dubai city, the exhilarating buffet table will also bring water on your tongue as the Cruise dinner in Dubai would cater you with its traditional  Arabian as well as continental dishes. And before you finish off your journey you will be provided traditional tea or shisha.

The Most Attractive Trip But In the Lowest Budget:

In the end, it can be admitted that while you have to bear a lot of expenses in order to enjoy the other tourist attractions, Cruise Dinner in Dubai on a Dhow boat will obviously ensure you a memorable tour in a comparatively decent and low price. So it can be regarded as a noble attraction what you should never forget to experience. Imagine yourself with your beloved one amidst the fascinating lights of Dubai creeks having dinner while witnessing Tanura dance. So don’t just find yourself dreaming and fantasising. Get ready and pack your bags to fly over the Persian Gulf to reach the best Arabian city where the romance is said to be so easy to find.


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