10 Things To Do in Dubai without Using a Penny

Well! Dubai is a colorful spot and it is seen that you are compelled to burn out your cash at each corner. The primary explanation for this is such a large number of attracting offers surrounds a man, that are endless and one can’t avoid and winds up spending a considerable measure. Yet, don’t be miserable, there are numerous other things that can be managed without taking out the credit card in Dubai.

Going out for a stroll on the roads of the Dubai and going by The Dubai Fountain is smart thoughts for having some quality time in Dubai. What’s more, finding more approaches to be excited in the city of gold, for nothing!

  1. Free Bike Ride

Puma offers bike rides to individuals who need to join for free. The whole arrangement is known as Puma Fishtail rides that, go ahead until the March. Individuals who join get the chance to see an alternate side of Dubai.

  1. Go to Healing Seminars

The Illuminations Well-Being Center of Dubai offers the treatment of recuperating oneself. This gathering arranges a workshop every week and talks about themes like the energy healings, nutrition, hypnotherapy or the meditation.

  1. Cinema under the stars

Switch off the TV, and just rush out from the house and make a beeline for the Pyramids Rooftop Gardens at Wafi Mall for a spot of open air silver screen. With humongous bean bags for all the cinemagoers, this one runs somewhat late beginning at 8:30pm.

  1. Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Mall is home to the biggest dancing fountain on the planet and with evening and night shows each day. Outlined by the same group behind the renowned Bellagio wellsprings in Las Vegas, more than 22,00 gallons of water shoot up to around 500 feet all to the beat of a scope of nearby and global music. The kiddos are going to go really wild for this one.

  1. Ladies Night

Ladies’ night is the ideal reason to get up to speed time with the girlfriends. Need a thought of where to go? The Gramercy gives all ladies four free beverages, though you can make a beeline for the cool Cuban Malecon for boundless free beverages on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  1. Watch camels Race

The traditional game of Dubai is camel racing which is exciting and a thrill too. Booked during the winter months at the Al Marmoum Camel Racetrack on the Dubai Al Ain Road, confirmation is free!

  1. Keep Running Down Sand Dunes in Desert

Presently, this is truly just something you can do in Dubai! Head on out to the desert for a day spent moving through the sand; a great expendable grill and a couple of burgers never went out of order either.

  1. Ride over the Creek

Hop in a water taxi to take in the city in style. It’s a great and diverse approach to see the city, simply mind that no one falls over the edge! When reaching the other side, walk around the promenade and make sure to investigate every one of the alcoves and corners.

  1. Go Camping

An awesome and super wallet-accommodating approach to go through a weekend.

  1. Free View of Dubai Aquarium

Why burn through 70 Dirhams to go inside the aquarium when can see them from outside the passageway in Dubai Mall! The home to the world’s single biggest acrylic board in the huge aquarium puts it next on our rundown of spots to visit in Dubai for free.


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