Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner

Perhaps you cannot imagine your Dubai trip without Dubai Dhow cruise dinner. Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner is one of the most pleasant and amazing thing and a perfect way to explore Dubai. A Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai is all about fun, pleasures.

Dhow Dinner Cruise is getting famous day by day more and more. Most of us agree that Dubai visit is incomplete without this authentic boat of Dubai package. It simply very amazing experience which one should not miss. The fun and services offered by Dubai Dhow Cruise to the visitors as well as locals are simply awesomely wonderful. Undoubtedly, everything in Dubai is amazing and important and worth experiencing. The serene environment, the food, the music and the traditional Arab culture just holds on the breath of the tourists. Dubai is admired by most visitors and most people around the world prefer to book private dhows for celebrating events such as birthday party, wedding anniversary, and more. The most mesmerizing experience one could have while on dhow cruise is, sightseeing the remarkable buildings of Dubai from the middle of the Dubai creeks. Also, Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai package is considered to be the perfect romantic place for couples.


You might not have idea about what the Dhow is, it is basically the traditional boat which is made out of wood, in the olden days Arabs were mostly fishermen and pearl divers, they made strong wooden boats, which is now designed and developed by the tourism industry in various shapes, sizes and of various stuff. Today, Dubai has made a tourist attraction out of the dhows and offers a regular tour every evening called the Dhow cruise dinner. You have the choice to start your cruise ride from your chosen point, you can be picked up at your hotel or house or showing up at the site of the cruise. Most Dhow cruises begin from the deira side of Dubai while there are some that start their journey from the Bur Dubai side of the Dubai creek.

Generally it is around three hours trip, as soon as you embark on the journey the boat starts its ride along the picturesque Dubai creek, you can have fun of the sights of the city from terraces on the cruise, traditional food as well as continental foods are offered at the buffet table and to finish it off you will be given a traditional tea and shisha.

The Dhow cruise dinner is just an unforgettable experience. You can even get it hired for your personal celebrations and arrange special facilities as per your choice. You can rent half or the entire dhow for your honeymoon, group outings, business meetings or more. Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai is for everyone including large groups, small groups or for couples. While Dubai dhow cruises are famous mostly for evening entertainment, they are also available for cruising during the day. Travelling on a Dubai dhow cruise is indeed a memorable and wonderful experience one could have.


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