Dubai Cruise

Who doesn’t know that Dubai is one of the famous holiday destinations of the world? Tourist from around the world comes to visit this place for celebrating their holidays. There are many places to visit in Dubai and great things and activities to enjoy. It is a great joy to watching the modern architect of the city. Dubai is famed for its high rise and marvellously designed constructions. The Burj Al Arab hotel of Dubai is the tallest building of the world which is one of the most luxurious hotels of the world as well. There are many amazing places to visit in Dubai like the ski centre in the gigantic mall of the city. You will definitely love to find a skiing centre in a predominantly desert area. This ski centre is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Exploring Dubai’s palm island is just awesome and it is said that a great amount has been spent to make this island. Another joyful experience is the rides in a famous Wadi water park in the city which is breathe taking. Moreover, you can enjoy sightseeing in hot air balloon or in a helicopter and you must not miss to take a desert safari in Dubai. It offers you the feel of Arabian nights. The trip to Dubai is indeed not complete without the desert safari. There are lots of ways to explore Dubai.


One of the most outstanding ways to explore the serene beauty of Dubai is a cruise to Dubai. Dubai cruise tour is just energizing and soothing. You will have a magnificent feeling riding in any of such tour. It’s all so exciting to imagine that the water is lapping against your cruise, and you can actually feel sea filled in your lungs, cool breezes are ruffling in your head and your fingers are trailing in the cool water of the sea. It is definitely the best thing to have fun during holidays. You will get pleasure from all this in your dhow cruise of Dubai. You can like this after you are done with your sightseeing and shopping in the city or you can have fun this in between just to relax during your holidays.

If you want to look at the exquisiteness of Dubai in your Dubai cruise then you must make it sure that you are going with a good Dubai cruise tour company. A good cruise tour company will show you the attractions of Dubai in your Dubai cruise. You must take care that the Dhow in which you are travelling is of best quality.

There are a variety of attractions that you can enjoy in your Dubai Dhow cruise including the ancestral house of Sheikh Sayeed which is an old edifice and was built over a century ago. It has been built with traditional Arabian concepts. There are many things that you can enjoy in your Dhow cruise Dubai and you must discuss with the cruise operator about your expectations from the cruise.


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