Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dubai is most popular for its dhow dinner cruise on the creek which gives an incredible mystery, romance and uniqueness. Definitely, you can enjoy dhow cruises in different parts of the world, however, without experiencing the Dubai Dhow Cruise your sailing will not be complete. It is one of the most admired activities that Dubai tours include and everyone can have fun of the cruise on the creek during the day or night.

Dhows are basically wooden sailing vessels which invented in the Middle East. Earlier Dubai used the Arab sailing vessel on the creek to transport the heavy items of goods, such as fruit and other produce imported into the Emirate from the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, India and East Africa. There are a great variety of dhows with diverse shapes and early dhows were made of shells.

There is no doubt that the perfect, romantic and beautiful way to explore Dubai is through a dhow dinner cruise. The dhow cruise provides stunning glimpses of the city from the creek, beneath a moonlit sky. As a most important attraction, the ancient wooden dhows sail along Dubai creek at night and offer the viewers with a fantastic view of Dubai and its past and present architecture. There are plentiful landmarks to observe, but most outstanding is the late Sheikh Zayeds house. You can also take pleasure in delicious international buffet dinner with Arabic music and traditional Arabic coffee to follow.


You can book a Dubai dinner cruise easily. You can either directly reach at the dhow cruise boats along the creek or you can book online in advance or also by contacting Dubai Tours. You make sure to experience the dhow cruise to make your Dubai trip a memorable one.

Dhows are the same with the Arabian way of life, particularly coast-hugging places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman. These wooden ships have long been related with the history of the Middle East and have added very much to the region’s high economic status. Most of us who book a dhow cruise package in Dubai hardly know that these boats used to be employed for every aquatic activity from pearl diving to fishing to transport and trade. Nowadays dhows may be constructed with steel and GRP, but dhow artisans who make shell-built dhows made from sturdy wood, still exist. You can even ask your dhow sailor about the kind of boat you have stepped on while you enjoy your Dubai Dhow Cruise. You could even choose out a souvenir of your Dubai or UAE dhow cruise after you are done with it. Some dhow owners sell miniature keepsake dhows made of wood, plastic and even metal. You make sure to ask your tour operator to point you towards some good ones or at least a souk where you could pick these curios. Experiencing dhow dinner tours in Dubai is also like going back in time to experience a piece of history along with the great fun.


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