Cherry Blossom Tree

The Cherry is connected with the Prunus genus which is a genus with over 430 species that contain the peach, the almond and the apricot tree. Basically the term ‘cherry tree’ is confusing because many trees are referred to as a ‘cherry’.  The Cherry tree is a very beautiful tree. It the national tree of Japan and also there is one important event Japanese calendar include which is the traditional ‘hanami’ or cherry viewing party where family and friends view the short-lived cherry blossoms and enjoy a picnic and more than a few cups of sake. Cherry blossoms are of pure white to deep pink colour. They are definitely very beautiful and have awesome fragrance and also symbolic meaning in many cultures.  According to Japanese culture cherry blossom is the sign of innocence, spring and simplicity. And Chinese consider cherry blossom is connected with feminine beauty. US culture very often describes the cherry blossom as a sign of friendship.

Cherry blossoms are presently grown in a number of countries including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Philippines, South Korea, China and Japan. Apart from being used for floral displays, the cherry blossom is also used in Japanese cooking.

Basically there are three kinds of cherry tree including black cherry, red cherry and wild cherry. Among the three cherry trees, black cherries grow the tallest. It grows beautiful white clumps of flowers and small, black fruit. Sadly, this type of cherry is vulnerable to certain caterpillars. The red cherry tree is popular for its delicious fruit. Red cherry trees require being cross-pollinated to bear fruit. The native wild red cherry of northern America is also known as the pin cherry.

The red cherry is an eye-catching habitat to a range of birds and small animals drawn by the sweet tasting fruit. The wild cherry also produces sweet fruits between 15 and 32 meters in height. Just as the red cherry, the wild cherry is popular with a wide variety of birds and mammals. The wild cherry is able to give off a gum from wounds in its bark to stop fungal infection and insect attack. Wild cherry is popular for its lumber which is used for building cabinets and musical instruments. But the best cherry lumber comes from the American black cherry tree. The lumber from these trees include the reddish quality the wood is famous for and will take a very high polish. The sapwood of Cherry is a creamy pink and the heartwood is a darker pinkish-brown. And cherry over time becomes an eye-catching reddish-brown that makes a beautiful flooring colour.

The most beautiful and impressive season in the world is the season of cherry blossom in Japan. It looks amazing when the cherry trees are filled with pink and white flowers, and even the Japanese celebrate this event through a series of exquisite festivals. Indeed the purest and most serene beauty of cherry blossom touches your soul and your mind. You can hire cherry blossom tree to make any celebration memorable.

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